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  1. Show off your figures!

    #1156512019-02-07 05:05:39awkwardangels said:

    Exactly as the title says, show off your figures if you have any! Statues will do as well, obviously lol.

    Here's all of mine and my bfs figures. The Sailor Moon SH Figurearts (besides Sailor Venus), Durarara Figmas, and Snake Nendo are mine. The rest is my bfs ahaha.

    Close up of the Durarara Figmas. The cost... a lot. My poor wallet.

    Close up of my Sailor Moon SH Figurearts, the Super Sailor Moon is a gift from my bf.

  2. #1156552019-02-07 15:56:44DarkChaplain said:

    @awkwardangels I notice a distinct lack of scale figures. Good collection, though!

    Some potato cam photos of my own:

    Paid for a July preorder last week, too, and have some more tentative preorders for March, May, June and September going right now. That poor wallet...

  3. #1156602019-02-08 04:21:38DarkChaplain said:

    @awkwardangels share photos when you get to them! Not gonna lie, I'm a bit iffy about most C.C. figures so far. There always seems to be something wrong about the sculpts I find. Would be good seeing one in the wild.

  4. #1161542019-03-26 10:13:58Destro said:

    My collection is just getting started! As you can see I prefer my women to be uhh au naturel... Look at the fine texture work and shading really bringing this character to life. Oh geeze how did this shot get in there should maybe add a nsfw tag...