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  1. Insecure about breasts

    #1156652019-02-09 01:51:22mizlily said:

    Ever felt insecure about your breasts?

    I use to date a guy who was very self conscious of his. He would literally crop photos of himself where he was shirtless and would always wear a shirt with a tank top underneath while swimming.

  2. #1156822019-02-09 13:55:09Kinnear said:

    I'm in the same vein as Lycan. I shave my chest, but not because of any insecurity, I just want to and think it looks better.

    However, I will be more comfortable with my chest than I am now once I hit more of my fitness goals.

  3. #1157562019-02-11 21:25:34Rebel said:

    Yea... I do... especially around my old gym buds... be asking where all my chest vanished... I keep saying I'll start back but I know I wouldn't... not for the next few years... so busy

  4. #1157782019-02-14 04:38:04Destro said:

    Being comfortable in our own skin takes a lot of time and a lot of learning be empathetic to people who you can see are struggling and dont forget to be kinder to yourself.