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  1. Healthcare

    #1157832019-02-15 00:56:00mizlily said:

    So I live in the good ol’ USA and we have expensive health care. I never had to worry about getting sick until I learned it was going to be expensive for me to be ill. Take for example, for a routine check up I was billed $110 even though I was told by my insurance I was fully covered—

    NOPE, they only cover certain types of check ups, including specific blood tests. The real kicker is that the original billing total (had I not had insurance) was a little over $1000. One thousand fucking dollars just for a fucking blood test from a check up.

    Fact of the day: In the US, it costs twenty bucks just to stick a needle in you

  2. #1157862019-02-15 06:10:07DarkChaplain said:

    good ol’ USA

    The USA is neither good nor old, I'm afraid. And what you have can hardly be described as "healthcare". It's extortion.

  3. #1157902019-02-15 19:28:47Kinnear said:

    As a Canadian, I have some pity for our southern neighbors in this regard. Even my $10,000 Bariatric Surgery was 100% covered under MCP. The drawback, of course, is wait times. All in all it took me about 3 years from the time of application to the surgery itself.

  4. #1157922019-02-16 00:43:53 *mizlily said:

    @Kinnear I don’t understand why people say they don’t want socialized medicine because of wait times. The reason why there aren’t any wait time in the US is because people who cannot afford the surgery are NOT queued. How is that a good thing?

    You don’t have to wait if you can afford it, and if you can’t afford it you just wait until your stomach explodes before you can get treatment.

  5. #1157932019-02-16 10:36:10Kinnear said:

    I know. I'm by no means implying that capitalistic health care is any sort of improvement. xD I'm one of the people who wouldn't be able to afford doctors if I lived in the US, after all.

  6. #1165742019-08-06 03:33:45crazymexican said:

    Call my insurance today to get my benefits. My copay policy was misrepresented in the benefits book so basically I pay a copay for the visit but any testing or shit they do is deducible then 80% . I literally worked for an insurance company for 2 years and still got fucked