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  1. Anime with competent main characters

    #1158292019-02-24 18:28:04 *mizlily said:

    Does anime teach viewers that it’s okay to be mediocre, or even suck? I feel like a lot of anime I watch, the protagonist is some loser or nobody with no appealing traits that just happens to be the chosen one to fulfill some prophesy, meet the love of their life on the first ep or is surrounded by a flock of guys/girls for no apparent reason. I see this across all genres and it is not just exclusive to anime. I guess this is a way to make that characters more relatable, but growing up watching basically the same storyline rehashed in different ways got me thinking that maybe it’s okay to not be good at anything.

    I rarely find a protagonist that is actually competent or skilled at a trade, and when I do it almost always turns out to be a good story so I don’t know why there aren’t more shows with these main characters. Can you name some?

    I’ve listed a few of my favorites:

    Darker than Black - Hei ... edit

    Unfortunately I’m finding it very hard to find competent females leads that I like

  2. #1158332019-02-24 20:53:14 *DarkChaplain said:

    You watch shit animu...

    Just going down my lists, these have reasonably competent protagonists... Sequels omitted unless the protagonist changes or focus shifts reasonably much. Disclaimer: Some of them focus on different protagonists, and some of them require to find their footing before their talent becomes apparent. Likewise, their talents may fit a certain niche.

    I listed more than I wanted and fewer than I could, but I think you've got enough recommendations for the time being.

    Rule of thumb: Most sports anime, or even cooking series, feature competent leads.