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Parent: Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

  1. #1158392019-02-25 07:24:37Destro said:

    Hinamatsuri is loved by everyone who watches it but not enough people have watched it also someone else said planetes and i second that i have the full manga set too its dank as heck

  2. #1158432019-02-26 02:45:14mizlily said:

    @Destro I am pretty sure it was you or someone on CL who recommend Planetes to me. It looks like an anime for old farts but I’m so glad I’ve watched it.

    Also, I have been seeing a lot of ads for Hinamatsuri on crunchyroll and I’ve been successfully brainwashed — now it is on my watch list.

  3. #1158542019-02-26 07:44:03Destro said:

    That makes me happy i used to recomend it a lot whenever anime comes up but i'm sure a lot of the other weebs on this site could have brought it up.

    The secret to hinamatsuri is that it is the single most wholesome viewing experience i've ever enjoyed while at the same time being properly funny. It opens with what seems to be a generic anime plot, that quickly turns into a slice of life that has literally made me cry and laugh out loud within the same 21 minute episode.

  4. #1161522019-03-26 09:35:59Destro said:

    @mizlilly Personally I found the characters to be very charismatic as well as finding the humor to be really solid throughout. For me It was fun to watch regardless of how the plot developed because i was already so charmed I just enjoyed watching things play out no matter how predictable.