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  1. What anime character would the person above be?

    #1158522019-02-26 04:27:53 *mizlily said:

    What anime character would they be? Post a picture and list the reason*

  2. #1158722019-02-26 22:20:08Farris said:


    She's a character in Gintama. She's energetic, she makes a lot of new (arguably bad) songs, people like her optimism and tend to listen to her.

    I don't know you well at all, so this is the only character I could come up with...

    You make a lot of new (arguably bad) threads. Overall from what you've shown you're a likeable person.

  3. #1158782019-02-27 18:21:01 *DarkChaplain said:

    I have no idea what @Farris is.

    So, reflecting the shit quality of the thread with an equally low-quality choice of suitable character, I've decided that Farris might as well be Hashiba Junichi from Hajimete no Gal. I have only watched one episode of that, but it seems like the kind of thing he'd enjoy for some reason. Besides, the MAL description is rather funny.

    At least he's a protagonist.. of sorts?