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  1. #1158552019-02-26 07:48:34Destro said:

    Is a sheep who will watch any anime recommended to her even if its clearly for the oldest of farts. Also as I've looked at the front page i'm fairly certain she's making all these threads as a desperate cry for attention. Please just let the site die like everyone else.

  2. #1159262019-03-03 20:43:41Destro said:

    @BakaHime @EvoRulz I was trying to ignore this hoping some upstanding mod would take it down but instead i find it being encouraged. This RACIST and untrue SLANDER is not in the spirit of good fun; i cant believe someone would go this far in a simple forum game.

  3. #1159392019-03-05 02:49:53Destro said:

    @DarkChaplain this has to be the only time you've ever mentioned me in all the years that we've coexisted on this site. Where to begin to express my feelings; shocked, horrified, but most off all hurt.

  4. #1159092019-03-02 12:32:09Farris said:

    @wu-se doesn't hang around in chat. Doesn't have the balls to show his/their (assuming there are multiple persons with access to the account) true colours, and has to use a proxy to put their opinion out. Doesn't make any valuable contributions to the site whatsoever. Is redundant.

  5. #1159102019-03-02 12:49:06DarkChaplain said:

    @Farris has a ginormous pile of unread books lying around but would rather play terrible games like Dotaz instead of reading. Also has bad taste in waifus, and shit taste in Final Fantasy waifus. Also likes cow udders for some reason, yuck.

    There's the extent of my criticisms off the cuff.

  6. #1159472019-03-06 01:12:53Destro said:

    @Rebel? more like follows the rules i dont think this guy has revolted against anything in his life! I remember this guy with his red speech bubble talking abou everything but seizing the means frankly i guess i'm just calling him a poser >:).

  7. #1159612019-03-08 00:48:03Destro said:

    I was just trying to have some fun with my good buddies on the CL but everyone goes way too hard on me I WISH I WERE NEVER BORN