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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1159762019-03-09 12:53:33Kirn said:

    Green Book (2018)

    I have to say immediately - holy fuck, I did not even recognize Viggo in this one. He got so fat!

    Seriously now. The story for the movie was written by Nick Vallelonga - son of Tony, played here by Viggo Mortensen. And he got the story directly from father and from Don Shirley, so... you can say, this is as good source of information as can be within one family.
    Of course, movie like that got the article on my preferred site, and interestingly enough, a lot seems to be pretty true. Tony was racist before this road trip, the green book was an actual thing, Tony REALLY did eat 26 hot dogs (amazing feat!), they really ended up in jail and had to call Robert Kennedy, and even the letters were true - for letters in the movie Nick used the real letters his father wrote to his mother.
    There are, of course, some things that were changed. Most notably, the movie crams the story in the span of 2 months, while the actual driving job last for mote than a year. Obviously, here it is done for the limits of the movie story. Another major thing is the scene in YMCA. The bribe was real, but scene with Don being handcuffed was not (at least according to the information), so this is a very clear dramatization of events.
    All in all, few things were not to the truth, but most of the movie is, and this is a great example of making real events into a good road movie with strong morals.

  2. #1159772019-03-09 14:59:27mizlily said:

    @Kirn a lot of people were mad that this won Oscar. I only saw the trailer, but based on the trailer alone green book seems a lot less entertaining than Blackkklansmam

  3. #1159782019-03-09 15:04:03Kirn said:

    @mizlily they got oscar? Not bad. Well, I only saw 4 out of 8 nominated movies. KKK movie is fun, and based on really fun event, but its racial issues are actually over-exaggerated as all fuck. This movie definitely would count as less entertaining, but it's more mature. So it's a decent one for best picture.

  4. #1159812019-03-09 18:51:48Kani14 said:

    @mizlily People's hate is somewhat justified. Green Book was a proper Oscar bait movie, it was good but not something that deserved an award for the best movie. Roma and Favorite were both better than Green Book in my opinion.