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Parent: New Zealand Shooting: Christchurch Mosque Attack

  1. #1160132019-03-16 07:17:42Farris said:

    This ^

    The keyword is Acceleration. It was meant to provoke and stir up more hatred between "opposing groups" in society. It's a madman with gas cans attempting to bring the fire out of control.

    From what I heard Anders Behring Breivik was one of this guy's heroes, not surprising if that is the case. There's is only a tiny minority who drives this insane agenda, you're unlikely to meet a handful of them in your lfie unless you go looking for them.

    I'm sure that 95% of us regardless if we're "left" or "right" agree that this was a horrible event, and we'd prefer if it didn't happen again. Now is not the time to go to war against each other, it's time to discuss these issues we have different views on, and to come to a solution we can agree on.