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Parent: New Zealand Shooting: Christchurch Mosque Attack

  1. #1160512019-03-19 00:14:31Farris said:

    @Destro where do you get your news from if I may ask?

    This was half-way genuine, and half-way "What makes you think that there's little (or no) truth to what both DC and I were saying", where's this golden source of information which is filled with the one "true truth".

    Thank you for your answer, what I wrote was not meant to be an attack, nor an opportunity to "masturbate over how logical I seem to find myself." (Thanks, that made me laugh,) I know it sounds arrogant, and could most definitely have been worded better.

    I sincerely believe that reasonable people who are interested in knowing the truth are able to filter through something and see it for what it is. My point was rather that if you're dependant on a chart to tell you what news source which contains the least amount of bias then you probably shouldn't be discussing these things.

    As far as who i watch off the top of my head: Contrapoints, Hbomberguy, Shaun, Three arrows, Some More News, Destiny, Hasan Piker (not TYT) and i'm sure i'm forgetting some. All of them are left leaning in their analysis and opinions.

    Thank you for your sincerity. I know of "Shaun", and I know of "The Three Arrows", I'm not very familiar with them. "Destiny" is a debater, I've gotten the impression multiple times that he doesn't care about the truth of the matter as long as he "wins the debate". Hasan Piker, last thing I heard he had gone full on adoring Marx? I'd be very careful with anything he says, especially since I've experienced him using flawed interpretations data before.

    What i do is find whatever theyre talking about in objective as a source as possible and then watch some of these guys to hear their take on it.So the equation goes News sources+initial reaction+analysis from people i find entertaining= personal conclusion. Is it perfectly objective? no but noone is expected to have perfectly objective outlooks on life.

    A person should not be expected to be perfectly objective, but a fact and a truth are.