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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #1160682019-03-21 21:04:32Kirn said:

    After getting the news that there's a movie coming, by Peter Jackson, I hunted down the book. Apparently, it's a first in series of 4, and it's about world thousand years after some sort of world war, that nearly wiped out humanity, but gave birth to something called 'Municipal Darwinism'. Apparently, to escape world catastrophes, cities were made mobile, and able to 'eat' other cities - consume and process resources. Now, the idea itself is very weird, and I am actually very grateful to the movie for presenting imagery like it did - it's really hard to imagine mobile cities without some good preparation.
    The first book is, in a way, a pretty standard coming of age story - young guy gets caught up in all sorts of event, has adventures, grows from it and becomes better than he started. Happy and sad coincidences and plot contrivances are present, as they are in this sort of genre. Though, focus is not always on the hero, and in the end there's some alright character twist and some story facts that made me amused.
    The main attraction here is, of course, the world. Humanity had a whole millennium or so to rebuild after the 'end of the world', so at the time of book events there's thriving culture, there's new technologies, there are even lost technologies both from pre-war time and the ones that were created and lost after the war. To be honest, setting is not what you would initially expect, and at times it can get quite confusing.

    I cannot say that this is a great book, but it's amusing enough to read, and I am kinda interested in knowing more of the world there.