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Parent: Upcoming Anime General Talk!

  1. #1161092019-03-24 17:36:44 *mizlily said:

    @DarkChaplain it’s going to be over 26 episodes? I’m surprised if that’s the case. I didn’t see the other zodiac characters in the trailer so I just assumed it was going to be the same as the old anime.

    I really did not like that the art looks the way it does. The bad ass characters don’t look as bad ass. Like it’s almost too “kira kira” even though the actual storyline gets pretty dark and heavy. I feel like it kind of takes away from that atmosphere. Maybe I am bias because I’m too into my nostalgia of the original series

    The only thing I hated about the original run was the fact that it ended and the Japanese voices. I watch the English dub version, which was much better than the original Japanese cast imo.