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  1. Popular anime that you hate

    #1161322019-03-25 00:45:45mizlily said:

    What are some popular anime titles that you didn’t like, didn’t find interesting, or just straight up hate?

    I didn’t enjoy No Game, No Life. The genre itself was already something I don’t typically go out of my way to watch, but on top of that the storyline didn’t do anything to make me want to watch it (if you can’t tell, I don’t really play games). I was also very put off by the brother-sister complex shown throughout the series which added the extra touch of cringe that I could not get over. It felt like this title was telling me to fuck off and so I did. Sadly, I could not bring myself to finish the series.

  2. #1161342019-03-25 04:44:23Lieutenant said:

    Sword Art Online.. Obvious-fucking-ly.

    I won't even bother typing why, as I believe others will do it better than me anyway so feel free.

  3. #1161352019-03-25 05:15:33 *Kittycat said:

    I wouldn't say I really hate any popular anime, but if I were to choose one, it'd probably be Steins;Gate. I mean I've never seen an episode, and hardly know anything about it other than, Dr Pepper, "that girl is actually a guy", and that it has to do with some timey wimey stuff, but I just get this vibe that the show is super pretentious. Obviously if I took the time, I probably wouldn't feel that way seeing how successful it is, but nah.

  4. #1161412019-03-25 22:35:24 *mizlily said:

    @Kittycat This title doesn’t count, you have to at least seen a few episodes of a title to make an opinion, otherwise it’s just another anime that you have not got around to watch (like Fruit Basket...). I think Stein Gate is by far the best time travel anime series I’ve seen. Just to give you an idea, I also like The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

  5. #1161482019-03-26 05:52:16Kittycat said:

    No one told me I had to watch the show. I guess there's probably no popular series I didn't like then. I usually can tell before I get into a show, whether I'd like it or not, but just to prove myself wrong, I'll watch Steins;Gate.

  6. #1161512019-03-26 06:49:19 *Kani14 said:

    @Kittycat He might be pretentious, he's a self proclaimed mad scientist, it's his character. I don't see how being pretentious while being a really interesting character that goes through major character development a bad thing. The starting can be a tad slow for some people, even boring but, I'll still recommend you to keep watching it as it gets really good.

  7. #1161532019-03-26 09:49:38Kittycat said:

    Yeah, nothing wrong with his character being like that. All I can say is, thank God episode 10 didn't end in a cliffhanger. I can go to bed in peace now.

  8. #1161472019-03-26 05:43:45Kani14 said:

    Clannad, it's a bloody joke honestly. Annoying characters and a really bland story with supernatural elements which made no sense. Both the main character, Tomoya and Nagisa, none of them had any personality to them, Tomoya is a delinquent, decided to help Nagisa even though he is defined as a delinquent he still decided to help, ok. He himself accepted this that he doesn't even know why he is helping her, exactly, just like how the writers didn't know what they are doing with this story. The only reason for his existence is to help all the girls with all their emotional problems. Nagisa, boring. They could have picked any female character from the cast for the main female lead role and it wouldn't have changed anything. The only distinction female characters had was different problems they had, other than that they all are just cute moe highschool girls with no distinctions. Tomoe being an exception here I guess. Why is this emotional bait of an anime even ranked that high? Everything was so random and the only driving force it had was, this gets really emotional and tear-jerking from time to time and some occasional heartwarming moments here and there. It's an anime but, this thing still turned out unrealistic even for a slice of life romcom supernatural dramatic clusterfuck of an anime it was.

  9. #1161492019-03-26 05:59:38Kittycat said:

    I mean it's based on a visual novel, so I guess they had to include a lot of different stories for all the characters, while trying to do the Nagisa route at the same time.

  10. #1161622019-03-26 23:28:35DarkChaplain said:

    Topical: The Clannad Visual Novel is now in a Humble Bundle at the $15 tier. It's never been cheaper / available in a better deal, and you get various other VNs (and those pretending to be) on top.

  11. #1161572019-03-26 18:22:58wu-se said:

    Sword Art Online, and everyone knows why.

  12. #1161712019-03-28 03:49:08DarkChaplain said:

    What a stupid and unfitting meme right there. Carry on being retarded, please :')

    @Teru Sure, but then I actually have to read shit I've already seen play out with voice acting! It's tough enough just catching up on light novel series where a further anime season is out of question...