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  1. I got fired today

    #1161942019-04-02 02:19:34mizlily said:

    Feeling miserable today because you will click this thread no matter how stupid it is. Fooled ya. No, didn’t get fired. Anyways...

    Have you ever been fired? What happened?

  2. #1162122019-04-02 17:45:38ccc said:

    I’ve been let go twice , one from a temp agency , the other from a bar/grill where I was a dishwasher , I was mad because I drove 40 minutes but happy because didn’t like working nights and 10-12 hour shifts by myself

    But currently I was almost fired and I decided to walk out because them wanting to fire me was preemptive from the start , I was still in my probationary period( a performance probationary period at that ) no one liked me , yeah I was legitimately late 5 times like enough to get fired and written up , but they didn’t care . They weren’t really trying to teach me , I guess that’s a city job for ya right ? Too much politics and favoritism

  3. #1162242019-04-03 20:46:35DictatorHilton said:

    Worked at an ice cream parlor a while back. A collegue of mine was fired because she placed all the ice cream in the display without turning on the power and thus let all the ice cream melt during her shift. Kept serving it to customers though and didn’t notify anyone about it other than fleetingly telling me ”btw the gelato is melting, idk why” when she was about to head home and my shift started lmao. Felt bad but I wasn’t about to take the fall so I called our manager, let her know what happened and that we didn’t have enough gelato for the rest of the day in the freezers because of this. Got to close the store 30 minus into my shift but still got my hours so I didn’t mind.

    To be fair this wasn’t the first thing she did wrong either. Nice girl though, just not the brightest

  4. #1164702019-06-12 18:57:35EvoRulz said:

    Got dropped when the manager quit, but it was my first job anyways, was being paid under the legal minimum wage and in cash. I miss the thai food tho that was yum.

  5. #1164782019-06-19 20:43:43Trev said:

    I got fired like 2 months ago because the company didn't see the value in a software developer who spent most of his time on coaching and process improvement.

    It may be the best thing that's ever happened to me. I got a new job, as a team process coach, with a higher rank and a 30% raise.