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  1. I got fired today

    #1161942019-04-02 02:19:34mizlily said:

    Feeling miserable today because you will click this thread no matter how stupid it is. Fooled ya. No, didn’t get fired. Anyways...

    Have you ever been fired? What happened?

  2. #1162122019-04-02 17:45:38ccc said:

    I’ve been let go twice , one from a temp agency , the other from a bar/grill where I was a dishwasher , I was mad because I drove 40 minutes but happy because didn’t like working nights and 10-12 hour shifts by myself

    But currently I was almost fired and I decided to walk out because them wanting to fire me was preemptive from the start , I was still in my probationary period( a performance probationary period at that ) no one liked me , yeah I was legitimately late 5 times like enough to get fired and written up , but they didn’t care . They weren’t really trying to teach me , I guess that’s a city job for ya right ? Too much politics and favoritism

  3. #1164702019-06-12 18:57:35EvoRulz said:

    Got dropped when the manager quit, but it was my first job anyways, was being paid under the legal minimum wage and in cash. I miss the thai food tho that was yum.

  4. #1164782019-06-19 20:43:43Trev said:

    I got fired like 2 months ago because the company didn't see the value in a software developer who spent most of his time on coaching and process improvement.

    It may be the best thing that's ever happened to me. I got a new job, as a team process coach, with a higher rank and a 30% raise.