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  1. I saw my ex today

    #1161962019-04-02 02:24:49mizlily said:

    Okay, for real this time. I actually saw many people today and not one of them was my ex. Fooled ya again.

    Anyways, when was the last time you saw your last ex. How did you get through the awkward encounter?

  2. #1161972019-04-02 03:08:41squareof3 said:

    The last time I saw my ex was last summer. I was in the city going to my favorite bar to congratulate myself on finally finishing a long work project. I walk in and she is sitting at the bar. She lives 12 hours north west of me by car. I had no idea she'd be there. We broke it off on good terms so I went up and said hi, we caught up. I drove her around to see the sights. A couple times through the night she tried to kiss me and I said "Im just not there, if Im honest it was only recently that I got over us breaking up and my romantic feelings for you." Then she said something that left me reeling. "Oh! By the way I have a boyfriend, its that guy I met when we were together." After that I dropped her off at her hotel and went home. Havent spoken to her since.

  3. #1162252019-04-03 20:54:09DictatorHilton said:

    A year or so ago maybe? We said hi, talked about what we were up to these days and did the whole ”we should hang out sometime!”-thing. Very casual but we parted on good terms so that wasn’t too unexpected

  4. #1162802019-04-13 20:56:20Grinners said:

    I have not, most were long distance.

    I'm friends will most of mine though, so that is nice.

    Not the abuse ones though.

  5. #1164632019-06-12 18:40:25EvoRulz said:

    She avoided me like a weirdo and tripped over her own feet lol

    would be nice to patch things up to a friend level but she doesnt reply ever

  6. #1165732019-08-06 03:29:07crazymexican said:

    Like 2 years ago when I was on vacation in San Diego. Went to go hang out with this girl I used to like/dated for a day. She gotten fat and became a pot head/alcoholic. I felt bad how far she'd fallen. Plus I never realized how we literally had nothing in common. Last I heard from her was when she tryed to hit me up for cash when she crashed her car while high driving