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Parent: I saw my ex today

  1. #1161972019-04-02 03:08:41squareof3 said:

    The last time I saw my ex was last summer. I was in the city going to my favorite bar to congratulate myself on finally finishing a long work project. I walk in and she is sitting at the bar. She lives 12 hours north west of me by car. I had no idea she'd be there. We broke it off on good terms so I went up and said hi, we caught up. I drove her around to see the sights. A couple times through the night she tried to kiss me and I said "Im just not there, if Im honest it was only recently that I got over us breaking up and my romantic feelings for you." Then she said something that left me reeling. "Oh! By the way I have a boyfriend, its that guy I met when we were together." After that I dropped her off at her hotel and went home. Havent spoken to her since.