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Parent: Criticize the user

  1. #1162162019-04-02 23:43:42mizlily said:

    Watches too much fucking hentai, plays too many games, enjoys watching dumb anime with doormate female characters, still wears the same jeans his mom bought him in highschool and probably also takes long ass showers.

    Basically my brother.

  2. #1162182019-04-03 07:29:38DarkChaplain said:

    @mizlily What @Farris asked. What's the right amount, according to sanctimonious prudes? :^)

    Frankly, it'd be awesome having a pair of jeans that lasts 12+ years. I'd call that quality. But alas, it's merely a fantasy... Long showers are great tho, especially when you live on your own and don't happen to have a trashy sister knocking on the door all the time.

    And bugger off, my waifus are my own.

  3. #1162192019-04-03 11:54:59 *mizlily said:

    @DarkChaplain too much hentai is when you start to like incestual themes in regular anime :)

    Also, commoners like me live in apartments and we hate it when inconsiderate neighbors use up all the hot water because of their inefficient shower-taking skills