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  1. The Gentlemen's Hentai Club

    #1162362019-04-04 10:15:41DarkChaplain said:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it has happened. What started out as more of a joke has become reality. Jesse Cox, purveyor of all things silly, has started a new show:

    The Gentlemen's Hentai Club

    The Gentlemen's Hentai Club is an adult parody review show starring Jesse Cox and Michael Santell. Starting as a drunken conversation about weird movies they've seen, the discussion quickly developed into an idea for a show - this show. Now after way too much money and a lot of laughs, the club is ready to invite some new members.

    Originally supposed to launch on PornHub, both for the uncensored hentai imagery, as well as the Meme Factor, technical difficulties (caused by PornHub's preroll logo messing up video encodes) have moved the series to Vimeo for the time being, although PornHub versions will be up at a later point.

    You can find the entire first season of 6 episodes covering La Blue Girl in its 90s-era dubbed VHS edition on Coxinyourbox right on Vimeo. It is gloriously entertaining.

  2. #1162412019-04-04 14:38:29Kani14 said:

    I like how in the beginning of the first episode he said, "The reason why you are here I feel is because someone pressured you into watching this show." So true, not complaining though.

  3. #1162472019-04-04 19:44:16DarkChaplain said:

    I've watched four of the six season one episodes so far, and it's amazing. I remember La Blue Girl from waaaay back when and it was ridiculous even then. But seeing the US VHS dub and having it dissected like this? Holy carp, I can't help but laugh about it.

    Also: Poor Nin-Nin. The Hero we deserve