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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1162482019-04-04 20:22:59Kirn said:

    Stan & Ollie (2018)

    This one is a quite sad movie, and I didn't know anything about people or events described here. Additionally, my usual site provides no info, so I have to rely on articles like this to get some bits of information.
    The movie is based mostly on their last tour together, after which they had to stop due to health reasons - that is actually true, though, apparently, health was issue for both of them. I did not find information about any really big falling out between the two, which is the big point in the movie - something that happened in their past. Even more so, from what I red, it seems these two were pretty separate outside of their work, and only after they started going on theater tours together - they really started to become close friends. Additionally, in the movie it was shown that they had personal shows and were struggling to get an audience, which was also incorrect - in post-war period variety theater was very popular entertainment, and people were pouring in well enough. And also, from what I red, this duo performed their routines as part of big show with several entertainers like that.
    So, all in all, while the movie is very emotional, a lot of truth was sacrificed to make a better movie. Which really is understandable, as the real story it quite uninteresting - they toured England three times pretty well, then stopped, and that was that. It does give some insight into entertainment of that period, though.