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  1. Anime: Spring Season 2019

    #1162612019-04-07 13:32:09DarkChaplain said:

    Another quarter gone by, the new seasonal anime are upon us. Sequels, remakes, originals, we got it all!

    You can check the full lineup over on AniChart or MyAnimeList.

    Share what you're planning to watch, first impressions or whatever, but please keep spoilers tagged accordingly. If you want to go fully in-depth on any series in particular, I'd encourage you to make a specific thread for it and link it here, too.

  2. #1162622019-04-07 13:36:40DarkChaplain said:

    Fruits Basket is Back!

    And this time, it's a full adaptation, supervised by the original mangaka, without a retarded director changing shit for giggles. All new cast (though the English dub recycles almost the entire voice actor lineup, fucking morons...), better polished all around, and still so absolutely nostalgic.

    This one's the thing I'm most excited for this season, and the pilot episode convinced me already. It covers the exact same content from the manga as the old anime did (chapter 1 plus ~3 pages from chapter 2), starting and ending in the same spots - but improving the pacing (despite covering the same stuff anyway), polishing the dynamics between characters a little, and adding way better animation not just in terms of modern techniques, but also general fluidity over still images. It's crisp as hell, even with stream sources.

    I'm so happy this remake exists. This season is supposedly 26 episodes, and they already made it clear they'll go beyond that, to cover the entire manga. Awesome!

  3. #1162642019-04-08 05:24:52DarkChaplain said:

    Fairy Gone

    This one's incredibly weird. The direction is a bit off, some of the action animation is clunky (though the CG is decent enough), and I'm honestly not surprised considering P.A. Works generally doesn't do action flicks. This also being an original, they're probably trying to experiment to branch out from their niche a bit more.

    Now, I liked it overall, though the action was a bit heavy and one short flashback scene didn't exactly need to be repeated the way it was. However, people seem to be super upset about the opening 3 minutes providing various pieces of background exposition / character history a few years in the past, to provide context. Personally, I love early intro exposition. Get it out of the way early, and get around the annoying, unnatural dialogue exposition.

    What I've noticed reading a lot of discussion about this pilot episode is that folks - like with Boogiepop last season, actually - have no patience for developments or series to fill in the blanks as events develop. It's once again that whole instant gratification problem. If it doesn't have an immediate payoff to be told about the wider Unification War shown in the prologue, then people don't want to know about it at all - even if there's a real possibility that it will become relevant in a couple of episodes and provides world building to root the characters within the setting.

    It's honestly sad to have people dismiss this stuff while also decrying, say, Darling in the FranXX (which the lead female protagonist here had a major voice job for, despite being damn new to the business) for not foreshadowing twists enough - when it did, but people were too busy fapping to their chosen Best Girl after seeing her naked in episode one to notice any of the foreshadowing throughout the next dozen episodes.

    That being said, Fairy Gone is rough. It has an amaaaaazing opening and general OST, and the character designs are quite out of the ordinary for P.A. Works. But in terms of pacing and the early action focus, and some characters' decisions, throw it a bit off the rails. Then again, I felt that the end of the first episode gave enough context to explain away most of the oddities about the lead characters' behavior early on, and am looking forward to seeing how the next few episodes develop. Rumor has it this will be a two-cour series, so there's a good amount of time to expand and characterize.

    If you're not in the US, you're shit out of luck, though. This isn't streamed legally anywhere else, because fuck Funimation. Good Job! Media announced they'd be doing subs for the series, but HorribleSubs provides the usual rips on the seven seas already. This is one of those cases where piracy is literally your only option to watch this outside of the United States.

  4. #1163732019-05-19 16:20:37Teru said:

    I'm finally watching some stuff I was 4-5 episodes behind. I'm still waiting to see Fruits Basket shine.