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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1162792019-04-13 06:38:27Kirn said:

    Vice (2018)

    Got damn, Christian Bale got so fat for this!
    Alright, so this is about Dick Cheney, him getting into politics, working under several presidential administrations, overseeing foreign policy, including war on terror and that thing when USA claimed Iraq has WMDs to get all that sweet oil. This movie got very clear anti-republican view, and it even jokes about it itself, but it doesn't make it less so.
    with movie big as it is the good site has a lot to say about it, and without even going there, you may notice a very clear theme - whole movie structured around narrative of Cheney being the main, if not sole, villain of the story. He is shown orchestrating everything else, which is just not true. He definitely made big impact on these events, and is example of why America is just bad these days, but he's not the single reason. Plus, these events are relatively recent, and too many events are shown incorrectly, and too many dialogues are made up.
    Two points I also want to mention. At several moments in the movie, narrative turns very colorful, for effect. For example, when republicans shown sitting in restaurant and selecting torture act and Guantanamo Bay from the menu. It's entertaining, but ut's weird to see stuff like that cut into what mostly tries to look like a serious movie. Second thing is, I, on personal level, cannot agree with several specific events representation - 9/11 reactions and reasoning, Bush family lack of involvements, origins of ISIS. I disagree with movie on these points, but I won't argue them here, as it's not my politics thread.
    All in all, Christian Bale is pretty good, as always, but I feel the movie itself is actually not just untrue but hurtful to understanding of real events. Very weird to see stuff like that nominated for Oscar.