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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #1162932019-04-20 10:22:35Kirn said:

    So, I think I went and done it... wanted to do it for a while now, but never got around to it, but now... gotta go all the way.

    That's right, I have finally decided to sit down and read ALL of Terry Pratchett's DIscworld novels. There are 41 of them total, and I red 39. Then he died, and I decided not just reading the final ones, but going through all of them in order. Took long time to get to it, but now I do, and I feel I am into it, and not gonna be stopping any time soon.

    By now I have red 5 of the first ones.

    And actually these five I would consider to be the ones where Pratchett was still maybe not exactly sure what he was doing. On the other hand, he definitely knew what he was doing. First two books are actually closely tied together - second starts exactly where first one finishes - and it's a parody on heroic fantasy. Well, all books are parody on something, but here the idea felt really basic - let's take some unlikely adventurers, make it as if gods play dice that decide their fate, and make them meet a lot of epicly weird magic stuff. It's entertaining, but still very simple.
    On the other hand, there was already the whole concept of Disc, locations and continents, basic geography... the world was still rough, and things changed along the way, but the main ideas and constructs were already there.
    As Rincewind - main hero of books 1, 2 and 5 (and others further along) - was a wizard, wizards actually got a lot of attention in books 3 and 5, and some in book 4. I mena, book 3 is about wizards all being male, anf that one is a great paredy on job equality. Or inequality. Made in 1987. Death of Discworld was already there, from book one, but book 4 really introduced us to him and to where he lives and what kind of actual person he is. And then book 5 was about wizards again, and how bad nuclear war is (yes, really) and how dangerous science can be - because that's what wizards of Discworld are parody of - they are basically a university of scientists, some smart and aggressive, some just content with their position in hierarchy, who sometimes make really weird stuff which sometimes goes boom.
    Also wizards are good indicator on how uncertain Pratchett was at the time with some aspects of world building - they kept changing and main wizards died a lot and got replaced with new ones. Later there would be just one guy who would join the list of constant characters in the world.

    I can probably rant more and more, and will later, but for now, these few weeks have been a really good experience of re-introducing this world to myself. Nostalgic feeling, and all that.
    Moving to Wyrd Sisters now, which is a parody on Shakespeare plays Hamlet and Macbeth. Good stuff.