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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1163452019-05-08 17:00:52Kirn said:

    Holy fuck, noone wrote anything here for 6 months. Well, let's get this one out then.


    This one I got through recently, and I will immediately say that it's really damn good. Right from the start you get the feeling of mix between classic pixel horror games, and comedy of absurd in a workplace environment. And that is exactly what it is.


    You are Brian Pasternack. Today is your first day of working for the most powerful company in the world, right in their HQ building. Well, supposedly. You are low-grade citizen, without any real skills or connections, and suddenly you got letter inviting you to receive a job there. It's all very mysterious, but you really cannot let chance to join Sintacorp pass you by. So you go.
    Somehow you get in and sign a contract without anyone really explaining to you what is going on, and then, gradually, you realize that this company is really a very very strange place. And I am not even talking about the fact that there's a forest on 8th floor, all bosses are gone, and you motivational speaker rides a horse. That's NORMAL. I am talking about bone-twisting things in the far away offices, I am talking about poison stench going from 2nd floor all the way to to 4th, I am talking about... the witch!


    And there you go. All the game happens inside one huge building (well, except for a small part, which is spoilers), and you basically got floors from 0 to 10, if I remember this right. Floor 0 is entrance, 1 is cafeteria, 2 is residential and people just walking around, 3 is IT and security, 4 is cubicles with office drones, 5 is where managers (and you) are, THERE IS NO 6TH FLOOR, 7 is archives, 8 is literally a forest, 9 is some demon exhibition and 10 is the CEO office. And yes, I remember it all by heart for now. During the game you will travel all these places, gradually getting ability to travel further and further in each floor.


    And of course there will be horrible things waiting for you in the dark. How, the interesting thing here is that this game got kind of RPG elements to it. Well, it's mostly your health stat. You got health, which goes down when something attacks you. So you must avoid damage, fight back (you learn how along the way, usually it's some sort of puzzle to solve while running away), and to make food. Yes, along the way you get coffee, pizza, noodles and other stuff which you can use to up your health. Interesting thing is - there's strict limit to how many there are. They don't respawn, so once you find something somewhere, that's it. So the game is a little bit about managing your resources and money. And saves. Saves are also a form of items, which you find in the game, and you should be very careful with how you spend them. You get enough, but you always have a feeling that it's still too little.
    In addition to that, of course, you have a large number of items you use for quest purposes, which I won't describe, as they are pretty self explanatory - you find stuff and use stuff to move further and find other stuff. Normal gaming process.


    The most entertaining part of the game is, in my opinion, the corporate dynamics you encounter. And that's actually a very good parody on real life work and employment. 'Of course it's weird there, and people seem to die a lot, and there are monsters in HR, but it would be bad to quit on the first day, right?' This is the kind of silliness I am talking about. People die, there's obviously a witch, 4th floor drones turn into zombies, there's a violent xerox machine on the loose... and people keep fucking working. Just because. Game does very good job of alternating between bloody horror and just corporate stupidity, so it's always a change of pace, and game stays interesting till the very end.


    Another thing about this game that I really liked is that it it not really in the real world setting. And I don't mean that there are monsters and magic in it. No, it's set in a sort of dystopian 90-ties, where robotics and AI research actually seemed to make a big leap, but also where society is divided into classes, with lower class people being treated like shit. And you get little bits of info about the world, which help you understand the story more, and you start appreciating how things are in the setting, which ads a bit of depth to the game. They didn't have to create who new world idea for it, but they did.

    All in all, good game, decent horror for pixel genre, and great corporate fun. Recommended to anyone starting their first job.