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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #1163502019-05-10 15:08:28DarkChaplain said:

    So I just finished my run of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman after reading it on and off since January, and was quite pleased but also mightily surprised it ended when it did. What a strange novel.

    Besides that, I also finished Titandeath and The Buried Dagger, the final two Horus Heresy novels before the Siege of Terra begins in earnest this month (or last month, in the limited edition release that sold out within minutes...). I'm ready, John French! Bring it. The walls are manned, the defensive cannons loaded....

    But since that's not quite out yet for me, I'm still making my way through I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, which I had put on hold for the time being, and Maledictions, the first Warhammer Horror anthology - which is also quite pretty in print, with red-painted edges.

    But DC being DC, I'm in need of a classic to add to the reading pile. Currently contemplating Crime and Punishment, or maybe another Conrad story. We'll see.

    But most importantly:

    The Coil turns and twists once more. Peter Fehervari's 3rd novel is finally on the market and I couldn't be happier, even though I only managed to catch peeks at the prologue so far. This one's pulling together A LOT of strings from his other works, while opening even more questions, so damn me I am excited.