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  1. What countries have you visited?

    #1163922019-05-25 19:17:49mizlily said:

    What countries have you visited and what was it like? Was it different from how you had imagined based on the media?

    New Jersey had a lot of trees, as expected. Never been outside of US unfortunately :(

  2. #1163972019-05-26 00:47:09 *Farris said:

    So far...

    Sweden. One trip together with my parents when I was younger, I didn't enjoy that trip. I also had a trip later on, about 2 or 3 years ago, this trip was nice, my host was not particularly fond of the increase in criminal activity in the area, she felt unsafe, so that kind of made an impression.

    Denmark, had a few trips to Denmark, again when I was a child. I can't recall all of them, they've all been nice as far as I can remember. A year back or so I had a one-day trip to Denmark with 3 of my friends, we went to an amusement park, we had a nice time.

    Germany, a few trips there visiting my ex, a couple of years back or so, had a nice time. The town was not too far away from Essen, it looked quite old, kinda reminded me of movies from the 70s or so. I also had a trip to Germany when I was in middle school, it was through Denmark, then Berlin, and towards Poland, the impression which really stuck at that time was how much better everything was in Germany compared to Poland (Doesn't beat my country though, hah).

    Poland, a shithole country. Visited it once, dirty lavatories, gypsies getting chased around my the police, nasty food (to be fair, the quality of the restaurant was quite bad, but come on... worms in the salad, and only the outside of the chicken wing being cooked, ffs, I don't want to eat blueish chicken and hard macaroni...), honestly I went hungry a good amount of the time, because I really didn't like the food, the McDonalds felt like a rescue.

  3. #1163982019-05-26 01:22:56IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Malaysia- Just the the country side part which was Kota Kinabalu. Went there with my Family for vacation. Did some mountain climbing.

    Vietnam- Went here for funsies as a Child. Mekong River was wide. They had lots of insect streetfoods which I loved but don't eat the water beetle. It tastes horrible.

    Cambodia- Same reason and time with Vietnam. Didn't get to visit Ankor Wat cuz my mom was scared of the mines. Most of our time was spent on shopping for gemstones.

    China- Went to Hongkong for vacation again. The obvious Disneyland, Waterpark thingy, and the 360 zipcar thing that goes around the mountains(this was beautiful ngl). The best part was there was a cheap streetfood there that was a michellin star nominee.

    Thailand- Went with my parents to help them in their lecture thingies. This trip was dumb yet funny.Thailand was suprisingly a good country(lots of bespoke suit makers).

    Myanmar- Same reason and time with Thailand. The country was a sad one. I haven't seen a single railway the people were poor af. The only people I see on mid class bars are foreigners which would say a lot. They have cheap gemstones.

  4. #1164032019-05-28 16:51:05squareof3 said:

    Japan- It was about what I imagined. Greece- Totally blew me away, a beautiful country. England- Basically diet USA France- Really pretty city planning Colombia- Beautiful country, beautiful people, fantastic food. Also the jewelry is amazing. South Africa- Beautiful country and people, amazing food. Very affordable so that’s great.

  5. #1164042019-05-28 20:25:44 *Kiboune said:

    France - my favourite country in Europe.Love their architecture and their cozy towns.I wish to live on Montmartre...French Alps are breathtaking!
    Italy - my second favourite country in Europe. Great food, lots of interesting remnants of past civilizations.Venice is awesome! One downside - too many tourists everywhere and streets sometimes are too narrow for such crowds.
    Poland - ok. Love old town in Krakow, but don't even know what else to say.
    Germany - castles are cool and so is old small towns, but cities are nothing special, except few parts of Berlin.Bundestag is boring. Good only for better view at city.
    Georgia - not so awesome right now, but in couple of years, it can be great country to visit. Right now it's like a big builduing site
    Netherlands - I was only in Amsterdam and in winter, and it was freaking cold. And I'm from Russia! But just as weather, everything was cool.Love their small and colorful buildings, and weird atmosphere.You can buy weed in any form or shape. You can go to red lantern district to window-shop, while you licking lollipop made with weed.
    Monaco - looked like no one lived there. Super quite atmosphere at day. Too posh for me, but has it's charm.
    Azerbaijan - if you want to see giant cave or mountain lakes, it's a great country. But if you think it's a good place for summer beach's not. Everything in bad shape and no one even tries to fix it.
    Czech Republic - Prague feels like town from movie about vampires.Not so many memorable sights, but definitely very memorable city. Also Czech hotels have best breakfasts in Europe.
    Belgium - meh. Theri waffles and chocolate are good, but I don't remember any special sights.
    Austria - if Prague is like from movies about vampires, Vienna is like from boring tv shows about kings, princesses and palace intrigues. And in Prague you can find house from Soul Eater (Hundertwasser House).

  6. #1164152019-05-31 19:13:36DictatorHilton said:

    Germany - best falafel

    UK - mediocre falafel

    Turkey - no falafel

    Finland - there's nothing to see

    France - take me back

    Norway - okay

    i want to travel more but i'm poor please help