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  1. Game of Thrones’ ending (spoilers)

    #1163942019-05-25 19:39:44mizlily said:

    What does everyone think about the season finale of Game of Thrones? Who’s death shocked you the most? Were you one of those people who signed a petition to rewrite the entire season lol?

    I get that a lot of people hated the ending, but I’m personally satisfied with it. The battle of the dead was probably the best episode in the entire season imo. It literally had me shaking as I was watching it. I’ve never experienced that watching any series. (Spoiler ahead) I don’t know how I feel about peoples’ reaction to Brad becoming king. I kind of thought he was most suited considering he is the three eyed raven. I really liked how in the beginning, when Brad lost his ability to walk, it simultaneously meant the ability to do anything as a man — but then went on to becoming the king. Love that unexpectedness from the author.

  2. #1163952019-05-25 23:14:21 *DarkChaplain said:

    tl;dr the writing sucked ass and character arcs weren't followed through with. They brute-forced the characters' destinations with little fanfare and added/changed things that weren't in the spirit of the books or even the previous seasons. This was a rush job, likely more to do with Disney poaching the lead duo to direct a new Star Wars trilogy, and it shows.

    Also "best episode of the entire season" is hardly a ringing endorsement seeing how few episodes it had, and how shit they were in the wider context of the series.

    As for Bran (not Brad, silly) becoming king... The conclusion came from G.R.R. Martin. The way he becomes king and the massive lack of buildup and development in that direction, though, came entirely from D&D, not Martin. They knew the end point, but not the path, and failed to lay out a satisfying road for their characters to walk (or... not walk). So that "unexpectedness" isn't something on the author (Martin) but a result of poor planning and writing on the series writers. It is "unexpected" because they jumped to conclusions, not because it was intended to be.