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Parent: What countries have you visited?

  1. #1163982019-05-26 01:22:56IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Malaysia- Just the the country side part which was Kota Kinabalu. Went there with my Family for vacation. Did some mountain climbing.

    Vietnam- Went here for funsies as a Child. Mekong River was wide. They had lots of insect streetfoods which I loved but don't eat the water beetle. It tastes horrible.

    Cambodia- Same reason and time with Vietnam. Didn't get to visit Ankor Wat cuz my mom was scared of the mines. Most of our time was spent on shopping for gemstones.

    China- Went to Hongkong for vacation again. The obvious Disneyland, Waterpark thingy, and the 360 zipcar thing that goes around the mountains(this was beautiful ngl). The best part was there was a cheap streetfood there that was a michellin star nominee.

    Thailand- Went with my parents to help them in their lecture thingies. This trip was dumb yet funny.Thailand was suprisingly a good country(lots of bespoke suit makers).

    Myanmar- Same reason and time with Thailand. The country was a sad one. I haven't seen a single railway the people were poor af. The only people I see on mid class bars are foreigners which would say a lot. They have cheap gemstones.