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Parent: Coffee?

  1. #1164552019-06-10 09:42:25shafnat said:

    Robusta just tastes bitter, unlike Arabica where it has different tastes and sour sour kind of things based on its origins. Robusta mix well with milk.

  2. #1164562019-06-10 13:59:26Sheep said:

    @shafnat what kind of milk? Also, how does one make coffee out of robusta- do you remember the photos from instagram? How do you make coffee out of those xD

  3. #1164572019-06-10 14:58:33shafnat said:

    @Sheep I always use condensed milk because yeah im brewing it manually without a machine, it's kinda easy with condensed milk so i can just mix it with hot water and froth it using a frothing wand or a french press.

    If only i have a milk steamer i'll use cold pasteurized milk and just steam it out till hot and frothy.

    Alsoooo robusta is a type of beans idk what image did you show me on instaaaaa... did you mean the tool you'ce shown me, the french press?

  4. #1164622019-06-12 13:13:20Sheep said:

    @shafnat Ooo. Condensed milk, noted uwu

    And no aaaa I meant the coffee you said were cheap and stuff. Thoooose. How to turn those into liquid coffee :O

  5. #1164742019-06-15 10:15:45shafnat said:

    @Sheep aaaaah i get it, so you got the robusta beans? grind it. Or do you have the ground already? If so, since i know you have a french press, theres a lot of tips but more or less this video will explain!