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Parent: Famous People Deaths

  1. #1165262019-07-25 17:53:11Kirn said:

    Rutger Hauer

    Born: January 23, 1944, Breukelen, Utrecht, Netherlands Died: July 19, 2019, Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands Age: 75

    Actor with great presence, and also a Dutch person. Of course, his most iconic role was in Blade Runner, where he chased the hell out of Harrison Ford's character and delivered one of my favorite movie speeches of all times, which I am linking to this post. It's actually pretty relevant now... But also, Blind Fury, Sin City, The Hitcher... Hell, he even was in 10th Kingdom, playing Huntsman, one of the most brutal characters there. Sometimes his roles were just really small, like in Knockin' On Heaven's Door where he didn't even get the credit mention, I think. But he always made every moment than much more powerful.