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  1. When did you have strong feelings about smth lately?

    #1167812019-09-13 22:42:56 *niuceke said:

    Hey guys, so, I wanted to create a thread for us to connect with each other. What is there better than to talk about feelings? For instance I had super strong feelings when I watched anime, is it out of suspense, thrill, or heartwarming fluff or realness (as in 'welcome to the nhk' which you all should check out btw). I just broke up with my lover because she had become so jealous of me being cool with other people that i couldn‘t stand it anymore. Honestly, i don‘t know how to understand jealousy at all... and I don‘t want to blame this onto my naivety haha love is such a difficult game. Anyway, Just now I was visiting a puppettheatre and i was shaken to tears because it was outstanding and honest. I appreciate those moments when art brings me to tears, i really do.

    I mean, nowadays it‘s really a struggle to express a feeling, or to even be confronted by anything that isn’t dullness...

    So when was the last time you were captivated hardly by a feeling?

  2. #1167892019-09-16 15:21:22shafnat said:

    Apparently, i took almost everything emotionally lately. i can cry just by driving slowly in the night, or i can smile as wide as i could just by seeing a cute cat, or whatever that triggers anything in my memory. In fact, in 16 Personalities Test i got the result of INFJ-T which has 100% feeling and 0% thinking.

  3. #1170622019-09-22 00:27:29 *Alipheesia said:

    I have lately found myself pondering my life. I understood very recently that who I am is without a shred of a doubt exactly who I have always been. From my earliest childhood I struggled to understand myself, but now I understand that from a zero sum game, the adoptive parents I have are more meaningful and the life I was given by them is more important than anything, because they made the choice to love me as their own with no pre-existing obligation to do so. I was born to die as a waste of air to a negligent roach of a woman, and I didn't, and I became somebody thanks to the ones who chose to love me. I became me. Somebody I've always been fortunate to be, and recently understand. I am happy to be alive. This is something I always knew, but now the phrase holds emotion.

  4. #1171562019-10-11 13:30:02MacV said:

    I have always been a person who overthinks a lot. I end up caring a lot and giving my all to something I strongly hold a passion for. But nowadays, I've been quite emotionless and started to not give a damn about things. Maybe it's because of how life has been..? I stop crying and learned to let go. Humans are hard to understand. They come and go, its not your place to make them stay. All you can do is wish the best for them.

    Not gonna lie though, I'll alwaybe be a person that cares cuz thats just me lol.

  5. #1171892019-10-16 21:38:37niuceke said:

    @MacV that's adorable. but yeah, people can suck sometimes. I've had some friends who abandoned me for a guy or something different. All you can do is wait and go on with your life even it it hurts... But i believe that there always are other beautiful things which lighten up the day! Thus it's not too painful to move on.

  6. #1171942019-10-18 09:02:44MacV said:

    @niuceke thanks for the adorable comment. ^^ and yes, people can suck at times. But we have to move on. It's your happiness that matters in the end, as long as you are honest with them and with yourself. We can't all hide what we feel or want. Life is short. Just be happy by how you are growing. I am glad you believe there are more beautiful things in life for us to look forward to.. and I do too! ^^ and if all else fails, memes can be a mood boster..xD