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  1. I was unbanned today, five years later.

    #1170672019-09-22 00:39:48Alipheesia said:

    It got me thinking, who were you five years ago? How have you changed? I altered my profile to reflect the type of person I am now, but the vitriol can only go so far before it fades to redundancy. What is your ash heap, the place you go to reflect? Who did you used to be, were you happy then? Are you happy now? How has life changed for you?

  2. #1170712019-09-22 20:04:39niuceke said:

    Huh?? Thats weird. Do you remember why you were banned in the first place? The counsciousness changes steadily. Every day, every minute thereā€˜ll pop up new thoughts which alter your perspective to life or even broaden it. Thats good. I think what restricts the flow of growth in the counsciousness is shame or better rejection of (past-) self. For example, personally i think i did a lot of mistakes in my life... and i was often ignoring the fact that i made wrong decisions. But the more i thought about me not accepting my former self or the impulse of making wrong decisions, the more i noticed how much i restricted myself intellectually... so the only option i see is to accept myself and to have enough appreciation for the mindset that chose wrong paths. It makes me see myself as a whole 3D person which isnt dismembered in periods of pasts :)

  3. #1170862019-09-27 05:43:14Alipheesia said:

    I don't actually remember one bit. I think it was an argument about detune or something. That sure turned out to be worth anything.