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  1. A Terrible Unthoughtout Thread Idea Because Anything Is Better Than Spam: Reloaded

    #1192502019-12-30 08:37:49EvoRulz said:

    sometimes i find old threads and

    there's no sage button fk you server-tan

    so i bump them


    i invoke the power of no u infinity on this thread so that it cannot be locked

    today i downloaded music that was fun

    today i watched cyriak animations on youtube that was fun

    today i jailbroke my iphone again that was fun

    you know, my iphone is like 20 times cheaper on ebay than the latest one, yet it still works pretty decently

    have you ever experienced adhd

    can i legally post this nonsense

    is there a

    deeper meaning

    is br brazil help

    thankyou sir and goodnight




    i do enjoy strange art that looks more like noise if it has thinking prompts yes the prompts are good we like those, senpai and i

    i hope you survived a few minutes inside the hive mind, goodnight listeners, goodnight

  2. #1192532019-12-31 00:46:14DictatorHilton said:

    Ding dong CL is dead! But you guys are lucky because I’m still alive and kicking <3

    9 good years, can you believe? I came here young, full of love and ready to take on the world. But where am I today? Somewhat more grown and still full of love for this world. The childlike Hermione-esque arrogance of my youth blossomed into outright hubris. I’m a star. It’s lit, fam.

  3. #1194562020-01-10 16:27:58L_E_V said:

    Evo's post looked like a poem that you randomly find on a notebook in the school bathroom

    Good/creepy vibes man