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  1. #121342012-02-10 18:31:57lolabunny23 said:

    That akward moment when your cursing and then your teacher walk in class crappp.... That akward moment when you are in the mall then you spill your soda on yourself and people thinks its pee....

  2. #121372012-02-10 18:42:50Keri said:

    That awkward moment when you're in the middle of an interview that's being filmed and you REEEALLY need to fart.

  3. #121392012-02-10 18:57:42Fieyr said:

    That awkward moment when a guy sits down in the stall next to you... and over the restroom speaker you hear.... "Reunited and it feeeeels so gooooood"

  4. #121962012-02-11 01:59:58kolulu100 said:

    The awkward moment when someone's zipper is down & you don't know whether to tell, because you can't explain why you were looking that low.

  5. #654632013-11-05 01:06:02 *Cloud-VK said:

    That awkward moment when you tell a girl that her already short skirt is caught in her backpack.

    Then that awkward moment when you walk back into the classroom she just left/you chased her down from, and everyone applauses.

  6. #654732013-11-05 06:05:53 *Kip said:

    that awkward moment when somebody finds your post from 5 months ago and decides to like it.