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  1. [Life] Message to anyone!

    #12292011-12-27 23:10:39 *hais said:
    My raburii @Poverty originally created this thread and i love it so much, i thought i'd bring it back.

    Thread title is self-explanatory... or not. Post a message to anyone in the world whether it be your mother, brother, sister, friend, or significant other. Have something you really want to tell someone, but can`t? Have something you want to get off your chest, but need a way to do it? A crush, a backstabber, an annoying stalker?

    Solution: This thread.

    Only one rule: No responding to other people`s messages.

    Okay one more rule. Don't name anyone. Keep it anonymous. We don't need flame wars erupting from hate for eachother.
  2. #12372011-12-27 23:20:50hais said:
    To you,
    i don't think i've been a good person to you since forever. i'm sorry that i've only really shown how i really feel about you ever since that happened to you, it really hurts to think that you might not be there for me anymore one day. i wish i could turn back time and be more loving to you. i know i can be moody and get annoyed really easily and i'm sorry for taking it out on you for several occasions, but i really do care for you. i know i've never said it to you at all cos we really care for each other even if we argue more than we should but i love you and i'd never be able to forget you and appreciate everything that you've done for me. Please stay well for aslong as you can and don't ever give up.

    Love, meimei.
  3. #12502011-12-27 23:41:58 *KAGAMI said:

    To someone who destroyed my Christmas,

    I hate you. You annoy me so much these days. I know I'm supposed to love you, but how can I when you take everything we give for granted, and give us nothing in return except for misery. And do you know that it's because of you people think I'm gay? I'm fine with people questioning me about my sexuality, but it annoys me when they start to avoid me like the plague just because something you said. For the record, I'm aesexual, and it really makes me want to hit you when you say things like "Oh, you're doing something that's not normal" or "No one else would say things like that that". Do I look like I freaking care what your snotty friends say? Next time, I suggest you not get influenced by the "friends" around you, 'cause I'm starting to think they're a bad influence on you(if bitching about you hair not being beautiful for two days is not bad, I don't know what it.).

    Not happy at all, Kagami-kun

  4. #12542011-12-27 23:43:41Dec said:

    To you

    I love the way you derp for me in the morning, never leave my side. Though I hate you. Fuck you with ginger unicorn pubes.

    Love Dec<3

  5. #12562011-12-27 23:46:45Mairu said:

    To ex,

    I had fun with you, when we were together.However, just because we had a thing for awhile, doesn't mean I still want to be with you. As much as I do enjoy the gifts you gave me, it seems like you only take advantage of my kindness. Please leave me alone, you horn dog.

    Love your EX girlfriend, Mairi

  6. #12572011-12-27 23:48:34Maryam said:

    To you,

    You just told me you loved me in chat. I really do love you in a casual way. I've akways wanted to speak with you but I never really get the chance. You are such a nice user and you made a thread where I can speak to you. This seems like a love confession xD. I really hope to get to know you a LOT better. Youre like one of my idols. You so coo'

  7. #12592011-12-27 23:51:52AkiraSaki said:

    Dear brother, I really do worry about you. Even though we do get in fights that result in you getting hit in the face by a shoe and be being being hit in the head by an apple, I do care. Sometimes I wish I could help you with your problem but you always push me away. It's been going on for a good year or two and our whole family knows, yet no one does anything to stop you. Whenever we try to do something you get angry and you're terrifying when you're angry. Please just let us help you. We love you. We care for you. Please. Love, your little sister who truly does care.

  8. #12622011-12-27 23:55:05omochialien said:

    Hello to an obvious person,

    You're a loser. Art threads are cool. Get out. Also pirate your own god damn music i ain't doin that shit.

    Fuck you, Yumi

  9. #12632011-12-27 23:56:43hais said:

    To my new little friend~ you're so adorable, omg. i wish you spoke to me sooner!! i'm positive that we'll get along wonderfully. don't be afraid to talk to me okay? cos i'll always be there for you and talk to you whenever you want! there might be times where i might ignore you for a little bit but i promise you, it's not intentional. i just space out alot an get distracted by other things on the net ;u; but i do rabu you! but omg, honestly. you're so cute!!! i wish to hug you and squish your cheeks~<3

    Please get to know me more as i want to know you more too!~ Love, your rabu :3

  10. #12652011-12-27 23:59:08Dec said:

    To the faggot that turned someone I care a lot about into a complete bitch.

    I fucking hate you, you and your stupid up your own ass attitude. You ruined a good friendship all because you are a fucking paedophile that can't get a girl down where you fucking live because you look like you are 14 years old and you probably are a little rapist. You belittled one of my closest friends and twisted shit up. You are a life wrecker and a liar. You think you are so fucking clever though you aren't, you think that people haven't noticed the facade you've pulled while talking to us all. You have only fooled one person. Also, in fact you changed them completely to be like you. You make me sick. I would love to kill you, or at least kick the shit out of you. You are apparently fuck so many girls, though you have to take my friend? You are a complete bullshitter.


  11. #12702011-12-28 00:03:06Momimochi said:

    To my bio teacher: How the fuck are you not fired? You fucking talk about that blister on your goddamn foot that you've obtained from shopping at Metrotown instead of teaching the shit that we need to know on the tests. Hell, your fucking tests are 20% what you teach us, 30% the fucking textbook, the other 50% god knows where. Seriously. You can't teach. Quit your damn job, die, I don't care. Just stop teaching. There are better teachers out there damn it.

    Get the fuck out of our school, Everyone taking classes with you.

  12. #12722011-12-28 00:14:56omochialien said:

    Dear loser,

    You need to check your shit before you post it and you're just jealous of my art skills. Also, that folder is virused. UvU Watch out.

    <3, Yumi

  13. #12752011-12-28 00:19:25kiritol said:

    Dear teacher Rachel,

    My year was almost wasted because of you not recognizing my awesomeness in Portuguese.

    Love, your favorite student.

  14. #12772011-12-28 00:20:51Settsuo-kun said:

    Dear, well you should know...

    Hey, long time no see. I know you'r reading this so listen, listen up...

    Time to be real with yourself. You'r really a nobody. A faceless person bent on bringing people down to your level. No one cares for what you've become. In all honesty many think a future without you may be a better place. This is the reality you've come to show us all...

    Yet, I know you can be better. I've seen you open your heart and give till it hurts. It's really a beautiful thing. Show me that person you can become, the person you really are. Time for a change. So work hard okay! I'm rooting for you!

    <-- this guy.

  15. #12782011-12-28 00:40:54TalTal said:

    Dear BFF 5EVERZ.

    Holy smokes, I can't believe you've managed to put up with my bullshit for these...how long has it been? 10 years? Yeah well, gratz on keeping up with me for that long. I'm truly thankful for that, and I don't think I would have made it through 8th grade without you. If we were to have this HUGE fight tomorrow and were to never see each other again, I would always think of you as my best friend, and I would never be able to replace you. God, I miss you sometimes though, seeing each other IRL once a month for confirmation is not enough. I would go to your school, even if it means putting up with she-who-shall-not-be-named, just to see you more often. Sorry if I ever smother you too much with my stupid chit chat.

    Love, Me.

    (P.S. Green, heheh)

  16. #12852011-12-28 01:08:44outsidethelines said:

    Dear you, Thank you so much for talking to me!I know that it didn't seem like much, but to me it meant the world and it helped me make it through.I know it may have seemed like I wasn't interested in talking or I was laughing at the wrong times but in truth I was trying to think of things to say back I was just really nervous because no one would have ever done that for me before. Because of you I didn't give up and I have become so much less shy!So please try talking to me again sometimes?Now that the semester is almost over I regret being soo stupid and shy,I've wished a Million times that I could go back in time just to really talk to you.Thank you soo much for those small words<3 Love,me

  17. #12942011-12-28 02:07:58judar said:

    Dearest friend(s),

    Thanks for putting up with my constant bitching and quiteness and also my general 'i-am-completely-ignoring-the-problem' mood swings; I don't really mean that and realise I'm always there for you, however fucking cheesy it sounds. Sometimes I piss myself off. But I love you all really; the ones in real life and the ones on the internet.

    Love, me, myself and I ' v '

  18. #13032011-12-28 03:01:10vivichi said:

    To you

    You're the most important person to me and we already have a relationship comparable with 'love'. But you see me only as your best friend, it really hurts me. Why can't you just love me back as I do love you? I hope you'll change your mind someday, I'll wait for you 'til then.

  19. #13052011-12-28 03:05:10Viral said:

    Dear Dad,

    Fuck off. I don't wanna be around with you. You're an ass who left me, my siblings, and my mother for a whore. You didn't even want to deal with us until I was 12. You got a court order to make us see you, even though we hung out with you when you got back from your trips. You threw my brother out of the house who is the nicest kid ever and because of you he's got so many problems that we are finally fixing. You may be my dad and you are. I will not deny I'm your daughter. But, you have not held up to the title of dad. The only person who's allowed to be called dad is my grandpa. You were never there for me. You never held me when I was crying. You never took me to the park to play. You never were interested in the things I did, and put down the things that I liked. I am proud to say that I don't need you. I'll be civil with you, but know that you never helped me one bit. I don't intend to see you when I'm older. I'm only here to protect my sister from the monster you are. I wish you could of been my dad, but I wouldn't be me would I? What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger. You may have fucked up my brother, made my sibling's and I's lives be fucked up, but you know what? I'm a stronger person now, so you can at least have the credit of making me realize what the real world is and made me the person I am today. But fuck with my brother, sister, my mother's side of the family, or ANY of my friends again, I swear you will regret giving birth to me.

    With Respect Your Daughter