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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #579332013-06-07 18:31:03 *MrKitty said:

    To you I love that guy hes my dream but his personalty drags that all down the drain. But i dont think hes like that; that he acts like that but who knows. I wish he would pay attention to me but I know that we probably arent compatible. And theres a reason hes called a crush that well never be together and ill be forever the girl who liked the joker guy in class and no one ever knew since i dont tell people. Maybe in the future ill look back and laugh. Sincerely MrKitty

  2. #579352013-06-07 19:17:13Dec said:

    Dear kdjhkjfhkjfdhsajlkhsjhsjkdsklaj

    I know I'm a difficult person to understand and I am not the best of people to get close to but thanks for being there and I really do appreciate you. You make me happy.

  3. #579372013-06-07 19:23:08Britt said:

    Dear you, July 19th is approaching fast and it's going to be a very sad and awkward day unless I do something about the situation before then. I haven't seen you in months and even though my decision was for the best, I still wish things could have worked out better. I miss E & O SOOOO much, I literally have dreams about them. Hopefully I can visit sometime soon and we don't have to talk about anything deep, just how things have been going lately. And then I can come every few months and do the same. But I can't see that happening. Love, Britt

  4. #591282013-06-14 11:01:37 *Kirn said:

    Dear _____,

    By this time you have probably woken up and found out that you are missing a big toe from your left foot. Do not be alarmed! It is in the freezer, right next to the milk. I hope you don't mind the bite marks.

    Best regards and let's do that again sometime.

  5. #592262013-06-15 01:35:27Namida said:

    Dear Q******, That time your house burned halfway down, i wasn't actually sad about you losing your home, i already knew at the time that you were a shitty horrible person, i was sad because I lent you one of my favorites books and i knew it was in your bedroom when the fire started. When i showed up in the street, you saw my depressed face, you thought it was some kind of empathy and you hugged me, i just was saying goodbye to my book bitch.

    Regards, an old friend who just wanted his book back.

  6. #592272013-06-15 01:39:47 *Mau said:
    Stop crying, you're supposed to be the one who has it together.
    God damn.

    Also, to ___
    If you use my knives as makeshift screwdrivers I will gut a bitch.
    And yes, I can actually do that now, because the knives are THAT sharp.
  7. #592492013-06-15 04:59:43Kinnear said:

    Dear Wayne Rose, Gary Rose, and Greg Morgan, supervisors of Weston Bakeries Inc.;

    You guys are dicks. I mean maybe you needed to let someone go due to pressure from higher-ups or something, but seriously? I was the only fucking promising employee you've hired in the past 5 months. I work harder and faster than anyone else in my station, I'm never late, I never skip work. I know almost as much about my workplace as the people who have been there for YEARS. Hell, some of your oldest employees have walked up to me and told me they were going to push you guys to make me an operator, because I was so good at my job. You could've fired, Pat, the guy who is slow as balls at every single place you put him, or maybe Brandon, the guy who's lazy as fuck and sits around doing nothing whenever no one's yelling at him. But you had to fire the friendly, aggreable, happy employee that no one disliked. And on the LAST DAY OF MY 500-HOUR PROBATION? Gain some class, guys. Honestly. You did that because you knew if you fired someone as good as I am when my probation was over, you wouldn't have gotten away with it. You had no good reason to do so, and I think it was unfair.

    P.S: Tell everyone besides you that it was a pleasure working with them and I hope to see them again in the future.

  8. #592542013-06-15 05:43:06LittleAki said:

    To the one I once loved-

    I see that you're happy with the person you chose to be with just before I broke it off. And I'm happy for that. You cheated on me more times than I can count on both hands, and I hate myself that I still care for you. That I still want to see you happy. You had better not hurt him like you hurt me. He's a really sweet guy, and you're god damn lucky he wants anything to do with you. And the extremely sweet and wonderful guy you hurt as well as me before him? He's now my boyfriend. And he makes me feel loved and wanted and beautiful like you never did. And I'm so incredibly lucky he waited for me to realized what a waste of time you were. I now refer to you as "the lying psycho whore bitch". Because I can think of no words that describe you better.

    Sincerely, The girl whos self esteem you destroyed.

  9. #608322013-07-12 20:19:50 *DarkChaplain said:

    Dear [...],

    You're actually kinda great to have around, truth be told. In fact, I am glad you've chosen to stay in the vicinity. Your quirkiness is rather entertaining, especially in contrast to what else you have to offer.
    I approve of your character. Stay great!

    Dear [...],

    Quit being so god-damn nice. It feels fake, like a well-studied act, and makes me wary of trusting you even the slightest bit. Forcing your positivity onto everything is not just silly, but dangerous, and I laugh whenever you twist something you do not know anything about into a postivite light.
    I do not trust you. Your productivity appears like a lie, your arguments lack heart and an insatiable lust for affirmation radiates from your act. Your arguments and decisions are based on past experiences, yet you are heedless of the fact that the past is long gone, and things have changed and evolved ever since. A return is meaningless if you are unable to adjust your mindset and learn your way around things again. A lot of these problems could be alleviated by simple interaction with your peers, yet your limited schedule and notorious absence from public places make your efforts look like a farce, a half-hearted attempt at garnering easy goodwill.
    Your positive attitude is worthless if you cannot bring it to bear where it might be needed.

    Dear [...],

    Get your ass over here already. It's been a while, and there's need to catch up on some things. Surely moving in with your partner must have stressed you plenty? Nothing a few matches of Space Hulk or gaming cannot fix. Also chili con carnival. It's been too long.
    Call me, maybe? I'll prepare the tabletop.

    Sincerely, DC.

  10. #608332013-07-12 20:31:39Ecstasy said:

    Dear Me,

    I think I'm falling in love with you again ;_; Ahhh, let us love each other till the end of the days~

    Love, xtc.

  11. #608502013-07-13 05:32:37DarkChaplain said:

    Dear [...],

    You truly are a tasteless piece of shit, if I've ever seen one. Your antics are disgusting to the max, your habits despicable. I still regret the days I supported you, and was overjoyed to finally be getting rid of your dickface. Too bad that you did not have the balls to actually let things go, and still keep being a fuckin' eyesore to the people around you.
    Just fuck off and die, plox.

    Dear [...],

    Good luck on becoming a League of Legends Pro! Maybe you've finally found a group you won't be dragging down so much due to your own uselessness.
    I had a great time telling you off, and making you mad. For that I thank you, at least, even though you were a waste of time and effort :)

    Dear [...],

    I was right in my assumptions, and your actions vindicate my own.
    Stop making promises you know you will not or can not keep. It will save everybody a lot of time and trouble.

    Dear [...],

    Stop coming down the stairs to ring at my door to beg for food, water, money or whatever else. I do not mind helping a guy in need, as I have proven time and again already. But come the fuck on, there's a limit to my patience and willingness to support you. No, I will not let you inside my apartment to have a quiet minute. You smell of desperation and trouble, and I want no further part in this. I've granted help on various occassions, yet you come back to ask for more on a weekly basis. Ask elsewhere, I'm done.

    Dear Hermes,

    Get your fuckin' delivery dudes in line. Mogworld is a day late already, and I do not wish to find another package in the freakin' elevator while I'm living right next to it. Stop fuckin' around with my orders, and deliver them properly for a change, alright?

    Sincerely, DC

  12. #608612013-07-13 08:30:14Trisak said:

    Dear Steam Support.

    When someone write a ticket to you, saying they are perfectly aware one of their transactions fail, and why it did, but want help with resolving the matter of it happening during a sale, actually read the message, and stop telling me that it went wrong when I worte I already am aware of that... and please stop pretending the issue is resolved when I write I clearly still have an issue... Would be appreciated, thanks

    Still don't like steam, Trisak

  13. #608632013-07-13 08:40:32DarkChaplain said:

    I feel ya. There've been so many times I had to contact Steam support (or Origin, derp) where it was absolutely clear that the support guy did not bother reading the message past the headline before pasting a pre-cooked reply.
    You'd think Valve has the financial stability to increase their support staff....

  14. #621022013-08-04 10:07:14 *Ecstasy said:

    I can now join this rant. The reply I got was pathetic. They basically just told me "I dunno lul, check this link here which will give you no info on the question whatsoever ahah".

  15. #609002013-07-14 06:52:06DarkChaplain said:
    This is a follow-up to one of my last messages.

    Dear Hermes,

    Thanks for finally getting your shit together and delivering both books I was waiting for. One of them may be a day late, but at least you finally got around to doing your job.
    Although you did wake me up on a saturday, not too long after I finally fell asleep to begin with. We really need to work on your timing.

    Anyway, keep this up. Next time I'm having a package thrown into the elevator despite being home, somebody gets a chainsaw to the neck.

  16. #609082013-07-14 11:49:43Dec said:

    Dear anon-nee-moose, You eat too loudly for your own good and you need to stop staying up so late and smoking so much you idiotic asian racist person who has a habit of crushing on married women and pregnant people Although as much as I say I hate you, I do mean it when I say I love you but as sister of course and I will beat you at mario kart and forever hate you for buying those books I bought you after we had that argument. Now I need to think of another birthday present, you fucker. Also, stop being so darn stubborn... you creeper

  17. #609112013-07-14 15:35:23johan_5179 said:

    Any person who impersonates Sheldon Cooper while telling me how 'uncool' and 'stupid' anime is, is a pitiful sight who will embarass the ditch he dies in.

    You know who you are, idiot.

  18. #609182013-07-14 20:53:48AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Dear Married Sibling,

    I received the text you sent that was meant for your husband. Thankfully it wasn't a naughty one, but I don't appreciate your obvious carelessness. I was fine when you made this mistake with Mother. I was fine when you kept doing it, and made it on another occasion with Father. But I will not tolerate you making that mistake with me. I will show you no mercy when I make fun of you at the end of this month. You can't avoid it because you already took time off from work and bought the flight tickets, plus you don't know what's coming to you. I promise you'll forever check your texts after I'm done with you.

    Love your best, adorable, and only little sister