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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #609492013-07-15 07:25:39Gwynn said:

    Dear [not on this site] I just can’t escape the rage that has built over the years, although we don’t talk, I still fucking hate you. Every time things are going wrong it’s because of the damage you did, and every time it’s going right it’s because I’m angry about being damaged. Your actions have never matched your words, you’re fucking liars, that’s exactly why I never want to talk to you again. I’d give you a big ultimatum, I’d cry and yell, but I don’t want to give you closure. I’ll never have closure, so why should you? Let’s both be a bitter question of “why?” to each other until one of us dies. This might be cruel, hell I’ve already been accused, but if your God makes things right then this was the only fair course of action. After all, didn’t you parrot to me all those years that “Life isn’t fair”? Here I am, equalizing the pain, I hope I haunt you forever, I know you’ll be doing it to me for years to come. [name redacted]

  2. #609992013-07-16 08:57:59Mau said:
    Dear _____

    Why do I always have to pay for your crappy life choices?
    Why does it all fall on me? Can't you just stand on your own two feet?
    I'm so exhausted, I feel older than I should feel, and not in a good way.
    I can't be like you because there's too much to lose.
  3. #610132013-07-16 15:11:46Dec said:

    Dear Customers,

    When you see that I've just finished tidying something please put it back in order and not mess everything up again or else I will have to kill your children and yourself by using the spinal chord of your toddler.

  4. #610152013-07-16 15:18:37Lycan said:

    Hello person, you've made my life so much better. In so many ways. Thank you, and please continue putting up with me. You think the worst about a lot of things, but you still smile. I'm very glad I can make you smile like that. You, if anyone, deserve to enjoy life more than most others.

  5. #615852013-07-24 19:26:23TeruShinozaki said:

    Dear [redacted],

    And I wondered why a guy like you had no friends. And I wondered why all the people you tried to befriend ended up avoiding you. And I wondered why your ex-girlfriend left you. I'm starting to think it wasn't with her wherein the problem had lain all along.

    Please don't prove my thoughts right.

    Sincerely, someone who has hope that you won't be such a jackass next time

  6. #633572013-09-06 17:57:19Ecstasy said:

    Dear [I-can't-even-call-you-a-person-now],

    If you care to read that is. I like how I was one of the few people who didn't shit talk you to the last moment. Was a waste of effort from my part to also try and talk to a couple of people and try to convenience them that you had your reasons. All you do now is showing just how butthurt at the community you are. Mature? No. Not even close. I'm disappointed really. Also this "I don't understand, I'm the good guy" game is making me sick.

    Well, at least we aren't talking ever again.

  7. #633742013-09-06 20:32:22AnimeShifter said:

    "Dear" people at school, Run, run as far as you can from me. This year I'll show you no mercy. I may be alone but when I put my mind to it I can make shit happen. Ignite yourself with Windex. Sincerely, your lone classmate that you are not accepting in for second year in a row.

  8. #636742013-09-18 00:02:43 *--Jack-- said:

    Dear █████,

    You were very abusive, not in the physical way but emotionally. You both wasted my time and ███████████, but now you want to pretend like we can be friends? How can I manage that without regret? Especially since we have the bad habit of ████████████ repeatedly when you always ███████ and waste it all away. And to top it off, you have no idea what I'd do for you. Even ███████. Most of the friends you came to know met you through me. I had friends, and you always managed to lose yours. I never once held that over your head, because █████████. But that was then, and this is now.

    You don't even realize that I can't help but love you.

    Thanks to privacy, this looks like a leaked FBI document. -_-

  9. #637782013-09-21 08:58:20 *devilina_kaneris said:

    dear _____________________

    hello _____, do you know my feeling right know?, do you?, if you don't know, i tell you sis, it's just like being stabbed by sharp thing, who did this to me you ask? IT'S YOU!!!!!!! because of you, ii just like trash of my family right now, my mind tell me i'm a foster child from 12 years old, I HATE YOU SIS!!!!!!!! I REALLY HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    your little sister, DEVILinia

  10. #638082013-09-21 23:09:18Ecstasy said:

    Dear person,

    You do realise that more than half of the shit they talk about him now is a product of your overdramatised imagination? But hey, they don't even need a proof and are ready to believe to whatever you feed them because there are certain stupid things he already did.
    You can't handle any personal relationship without turning it into circlejerking. You can't even speak up for youself without trashing people.
    I'd suggest you go see a doctor at this point. And yes, I'm looking forward to whatever you have to say about me behind my back. I can mostly predict what it'll be about even, so don't disapoint me, go ahead.

  11. #638112013-09-22 04:09:37 *PigBoss said:

    Dear Future Giant Robot Engineer,

    I don't care how many times I've said it. Thank you so much. There was help when I needed it. Hopefully, I can return the kindness~

    hungry hippo, PigBoss

  12. #638272013-09-22 13:32:29 *devilina_kaneris said:

    dear my parents

    hello my dearest parents , how are you? are you doing fine?, i'm doing fine right now, thank you for everything you did it for me, thank you for raising me, thank you for feeding me, thank you for everything, Mom & Dad , i'm sorry for i didn't do it seriously, i'm a dame person, but you support me and gave me private tutor for me, i love you Mom & Dad, i love you so much, i'm very thankful for everything, when i grow up , i want Mom & Dad be happy for us, for your grandchildren's, from us THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD

    from your daughter


  13. #638282013-09-22 13:41:58devilina_kaneris said:

    dear my private tutor

    helo there,thank you for support me from back, i'm very grateful to you, my grade is increased right now, thank you, if i hasn't meet you from 6 months before, i still dame person, thank you, i'm very grateful to you