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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #638302013-09-22 13:58:40 *DarkChaplain said:

    Dear Dipshit,
    Just fuck off and shove your fist up your arse instead of bothering people any further. That'd be the best course of action for all sides involved.

    Dear Sperm-Burper,
    Just fuck off and shove your fist up your arse instead of bothering people any further. That'd be the best course of action for all sides involved.

    Dear Dunkelbumser,
    Just fuck off and shove your fist up your arse instead of bothering people any further. That'd be the best course of action for all sides involved.

    Dear Arschkrampe,
    Just fuck off and shove your fist up your arse instead of bothering people any further. That'd be the best course of action for all sides involved.

    Dear Redhead,
    I still think your nerdy hate for EA is incredibly pleasant. Thanks for making me laugh~

    Sincerely, DC

  2. #638332013-09-22 17:41:25DarkChaplain said:

    Dear ~42% of Germany,

    Fuck you. Fuck you very much. Fuck you for screwing all of us over for another 4 years. Fuck you for looking at the past 8 and thinking "hey, we can do even worse than that!" and give the cancer of the country the absolute majority. Fuck you. I am looking forward to you old pieces of shit dropping dead in the very near future. Thanks for creating another disaster for this country.
    Now we can all go back to homophobia, lack of proper minimum wages, nuclear power, hardcore lobbyism and all those other shiny things you seem to agree with so much. Praise Jesus.

    Fuck you.

  3. #638922013-09-24 14:18:00DarkChaplain said:

    It really is not. It still a damn lot better than your warmongering hellhole.
    We spend money on keeping countries afloat, you spend money on weapons to put them under.

  4. #639542013-09-26 02:54:08 *Kirlyte said:
    Are you sure about that? Although Germany (And most European countries) give a higher percentage of GNI as financial aid the sheer numbers of the US make it hard to believe that we are lacking in charitability when it comes to foreign aid.

    Yes I know Germany Euro Union bailout etc. etc.

    For the sake of fairness:
    Of note are:
    1. Significantly larger military budget than amount of aid given (However, this is also true of virtually every country, though not to the extent of the US)
    2. Percent of GDP (US is 4.4%, Germany 1.4%, most European countries hover between 1 and 2%)
    3. Amount of money spent on upkeep, or maintaining the status quo compared to expansion (Cost of Iraq/Afghanistan is a separate budget and is not included, however the war in its current state very well falls under this category as well)
    4. Connected to "maintaining status quo": Sheer size of American Empire and the responsibilities that come with it.

    While the military budget is, indeed, sky high, very little of it is with the aim of "putting other countries under". And America is far from uncharitable in its foreign aid. Also, this is far from a new trend, as the US has always been (Source: very generous when it comes to loans/financial aid for those it perceives to be allies, though it was very careful to ensure the security of its own interests (As all countries are)

    "Warmongering" is also laughable-like the citizens of any other country, Americans mostly feel that war is justified in two cases:
    1. American security/safety are threatened or perceived to be under direct attack
    2. Global stability is threatened due to ethical issues abroad that are deemed intolerable (Ex. Chemical weapons, tyrant rule resulting in large death count, etc.)

    Both invasions of Iraq can be attributed to this, as can Afghanistan and the potential war in Syria. For better or for worse the US politicians convinced the citizens that one, or both, of these scenarios were true (And gave convincing reasons to believe such). American citizens are no different than any other in this regard.

    Bonus: Polling of Americans and Germans on the potential war in Syria

    Also before accusations of US fanboy and such I am not necessarily supporting any of its spending or actions around the world whatsoever. I hold minimal political opinions of my own.
  5. #641602013-10-01 13:40:09Trev said:

    Dear 'Merica,

    I know you're busy exporting freedom, but please come home soon, the back yard is on fire.

    Love, Trev

  6. #641662013-10-01 17:00:16 *Noodle said:

    To the native speakers of Japanese.

    Why do you have to make everything so damn complicated?
    Why do you have super easy grammar, but 29 million ways of counting?
    Why why why can't you say what you mean?
    Why is the only reason you can give me "japanese follows the rules, except when it doesn't"?

    I am freaking Swedish, people. I don't understand subliminal messages. Where I'm from we freaking say what we mean. Geez.

  7. #641672013-10-01 17:09:40kurodesu said:

    Dear, Dearest: Not only have you ruined self-respect, but you have also ruined countless relationships- intimate or not- and you make me live in fear. I know you're angry and I know you're sad. That's why I can never bring myself to confront you. You have my sympathy and it pisses me off. I'm angry that I have to rely on you. I'm angry that you're the only option. I'm angry I didn't get what others did. I'm angry at everything you ever did to me and I'm angry that I'm always always always forgiving you. I'm angry that you never forgive me... I'm sad that you don't. I'm jealous of others who get help. I'm torturing myself for you. So you don't get into trouble. So you can stay with who you love. So you can live as normal a life you can get. It's all for you and you still do these things to me. Why? I want to know what I did. Some days I can't eat. Some days I lay in bed drowning in self hatred and bad memories. I had an episode in class yesterday. I thought of you and got phantom pains and started spasming and keeled over it hurt so much. Why did you do that? Despite all efforts not to- LOVE, Leah.

  8. #641712013-10-01 18:42:05 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Dear Asshole,

    Kindly fuck off out of my life. My girlfriend doesn't like you or wanna interact with you and she's told you several times to get lost. Furthermore, I don't wanna fight you because that's not how I prove stuff and it's childish and stupid, but if you ever grab my girlfriend like you threatened I will ruin you even if I do have my arm in a sling! It's not my fault or my problem that you're an emotionally deficient ape, that you probably have a tiny weiner, that your parents probably hate you nearly as much as I do because you're a horrid bully and an ugly fat shit. I used to think that I could accept anyone for who they are and find something nice about them, but buddy..I do not give a crap about even trying with you!

  9. #650762013-10-28 08:15:09Ecstasy said:

    Dear fucktard with a drill,

    Why does it have to be from fucking 8 to fucking 11 a.m.? What do you even drill there 2 fucking hours straight? Why can't you do it, say, after fucking lunch? Or is it the nessesary fucking condition to do it in the morning so that everyone has a fucking headache for the rest of the fucking day? Or does the fucking drill have special fucking working hours and won't fucking start after 11 a.m.?

    I hope your hands rot and your dick falls off and you die a horrible death.

  10. #650802013-10-28 10:33:11DarkChaplain said:

    Dear Hermes,

    You are fucking late at delivering this month's book orders. Again. Fuck you kindly.

    Dear ______,

    Be glad that I actually like you, otherwise you'd have been set on fire months ago.

    Dear ______,

    Stop acting like such a cunt. You can't have your period THAT often. As much as I value your friendship, your seasonal bitchy attitude regardless of how you are approached is seriously pissing me off. Funnily enough, this shit always seems to coincide with you playing bad MMOs with some of your other friends, who I neither know nor want to know. The ones you introduced me to appeared incredibly dumb and tasteless already.
    Get your shit together. You can't be cunty forever.

    Dear @Paratoxical,
    @Dec wants to take a picture with both of us next year, so I hope you can still tolerate my antics by that time. Because, y'know, I actually rather like you a lot.

    WOW! The last one actually turned out to be positive?! What a surprise!

  11. #651942013-11-01 06:48:36Gwynn said:

    Short tempered fem, (not on CL)

    Fuck you, how dare you show me the cold shoulder. Two damn weeks and not one word about holding a grudge from over 2 years ago? Maybe it's because you know that you were a bitch back then, and apparently you still are now. We can fix this, I'm sure, but I don't really give a shit about you. I don't have time to waste on dumb girl games, fucking narcesssitic cunt. We could have avoided this anger, but you ignored me like a fucking child.

    Someone with a plan.

  12. #651962013-11-01 06:58:11Kip said:

    Dear You,

    Get your fucking shit together. You are ruining this family, regardless of how much you say you do for us. Buying things we need to survive isn't your only job, fuckface.

    I hope you shove your head so far up your ass that your anus clenches around your brittle pencil neck and suffocates you.

    Get a better attitude.

    Love, me.

  13. #652632013-11-02 13:30:08PrettyPinkPastel said:

    Dear second grade teacher, Thank you for calling me stupid. It gave me the motivation to prove you wrong, but it wasn't my fault that I didn't get the phonics book, but the fact is I am dyslexic, which you knew I remember the special ed teacher telling you, and I could not help not understanding what all the parts of speech where you didn't explain them well enough to me you wouldn't. try hard enough to help me because you just wanted to pass everyone without having to do any work or at least that's what my mother told me when you gave us two final projects that both counted as 50% of our grade. You're just a terrible teacher who now looks stupid for making fun of me in the second grade.

  14. #661102013-11-12 13:56:06 *Mem said:

    Dear person I sit next to 5 days a week,

    You're crazy, if you don't like me, please act like it. It's totally normal & healthy to just display your dislike. Don't act friendly to me while saying shit to other people, and having them form opinions of me. You're making me feel like shit you selfish cunt.

    Fuck off,

    Kind Regards,


    P.S stupid fucking slutty shiteating dogfucker die while being raped by 20 midgets.

  15. #661132013-11-12 15:16:08--Jack-- said:

    Dear significant other,

    Please get a better computer, or better social skills. You dropped out of skype mid-conversation and I haven't heard from you in days. Are you okay? is your family okay? These thoughts plague me, as well as if you simply are unaware of how I can worry or care that much.

    with love,


  16. #661242013-11-12 22:12:05Kittycat said:

    Dear my love,

    I've been so very sad without you.. Why did you have to go so early? I was so close to finally being with you. I made a promise to you half a year ago - a promise I will never forget. I promised that I would be by your side, now that's impossible. There are so many things I want to say - to get out of my head. The sad thing is... the only one I would tell these things to would be you. I feel so alone. You made me feel warm, you were my sun; you were the center of my universe - but now all I feel is a chill in my heart cause you're gone. I will never forget the conversations we've had... every word you said to me. Your heart was truly golden, you thought of others before yourself. You told me to live every day as if it were my last, at the time, I heard what you had said, but I didn't really understand. You meant live life with no regrets, be as happy as I can be. You meant that if I were to die at any moment, for me to be glad that it was that moment. You lived your life knowing that at any moment it could end. I'm glad you died smiling... So glad that it brings me to tears.


    Your fuzzy friend, Kittycat