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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #13152011-12-28 03:30:39Dec said:

    To a person.

    Thank you. Honestly, thank you so much. You are someone that I am proud to call a friend. You put up with me and talk me out of feeling horrible due to situations. You have taught me to be myself no matter what, also to be comfortable within myself. You make me smile so much, though I rather keep my thoughts about you away from you although the fact of also wanting to constantly tell you how I feel about you and thank you for the little things (that you can find meaningless) that makes me smile. You are someone that really should think better of themselves as you are such a great person. Your jokes that you tell are hardly funny though can instantly make me feel better. I want to thank you for talking to me and spending time with me. Without you I wouldn't know what to do and in fact be a different person. I would also be lonely without you there beside me. I know you are one person that I can talk to if there is anything wrong and that'll listen. Thank you so much for being there for me and my friend.


  2. #13252011-12-28 04:17:01 *NomNomNyan said:

    Dear you,


    Go munch on some cheesy penis (you probably are right now.)

    From, Cecilia.

  3. #13262011-12-28 04:27:44AkiraSaki said:

    Dear you; you're completely oblivious to my feelings. They're kind of obvious too. Sometimes you really can be a huge idiot. I love/hate you. Love, Kaylee.

  4. #13282011-12-28 04:31:16 *NomNomNyan said:

    Dear prick,

    No, No I will not dump my boyfriend for you. Yeah, okay we had a laugh, and it was fun. But the more you tell me to dump him, the more you push me away.

    You're such a mind fuck too. First off, you didn't want to talk to me, because I had a boyfriend, next you're saying. 'talk to me properly.' WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!

    You also said If I broke up with my boyfriend you would 'feel loads better.' SO WHAT, DO I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME NOW TOO?

    And, you completely ignore me, when you feel like it. I try talking to you, because I want us to be friends, we've had so many laughs, it would be a shame to lose all of it. Do you really feel that strongly about me, that you cant even talk to me when I'm with someone else.

    Anyway, YOU DUMPED ME. I didn't hear no 'sorry, i made a mistake.' YOU SELF-CENTERED PRICK.

    And lastly, yeah, I was getting distant with my boyfriend, BUT Y'KNOW 'THE MORE I TALK TO HIM, THE MORE I WANT HIM.' (SOUND FAMILIAR, FUCKTARD.)

    From, Your Angry Ex-Girlfriend.

  5. #13932011-12-28 08:07:33Maryam said:

    Dear the best friend a human could ask for,

    I thank you for everything. All the courage you've given me. All the laughs and reassurances. The tears wont top coming because I love you so much. This is better for us both apparently. I think leaving you right now will put you at ease. Ending it was the last thing I'd ever think of doing but here we are. Please dont try to convince me. The evidence is there. I dont want to avoid the subject. I wish I was told the truth from the start.

    You were my favorite and you always will be. Stay happy. I think I wont come back for awhile. I dont want to do this but...Its like I cant live without you as my friend but I'll go on. This is a problem I;d usually go to you with. Actually I go to you for all of them.

    Every time I read it over a new rush of tears escape my eyes. Even if my assumption is wrong it just makes for more evidence of what you speak of. Even if you say you don't want this, I now do. There is nothing you can do anymore. Maybe somewhere inside me I knew it would end this way. Nothing you say will convince me different now.

    I might see you on chat or anywhere really but...dont really expect me to speak to you. Just know no matter what that I am dying to. There really isnt a reason to sever all connections but I think this way it would be easier on me. I hate that word. Me.

    Forever Love, Maryam

  6. #13952011-12-28 08:14:26 *sully said:
    dear you.

    *since plain standard english doesn not seen to work well with you i shall speak you language. the so called ghetto english*

    OI FANDAM you retarded jakualter, go die fan you no neeeded in dis plannet! why you stll breathing? me no undertand! you are a slut and a whore two in one. oi blad listn yeah me go very nice advise you choke on it. you tink acting bare hard and doing a slu8t drop makes all the guys wanna fuck ya? bitch please ya i work your coner 13itc. no just no you aint 2 pack no lil waye so drop the attatude! it aint gonna get ya no ere!
    and you whining abut dem half naked pic of Fb and you r lik "omg why you do this to me, wahh i'm no sket" well hun you are.

    BTW those mandobs and hores will leave ya in a few years once dey are done with ya so be prepared and dont cum to me!

    in futur how about you don't do shit? how about dat and BEHAVE!

    al right
    we cool?


    love me
  7. #14362011-12-28 10:46:18zatsunen said:

    Dear you,

    I don't know what happened? Can you explain to me? If you were that busy with your life, would it be that hard to just send me a message. You didn't even need to apologise. I see you online all the time yet back when I still tried, you never replied to my messages. Why are you ignoring me?

    Didn't we have fun? I read our old chats once in a while and they have me in stitches, laughing my head off. Did you outgrow that? It's not like I can't make intelligent conversation too, but it was just natural to joke around with you. What happened to ganging up on Vick when we meet up at conventions? Our alliance?

    I had so many good memories with you, so many texts I haven't had the heart to delete yet. Why did you disappear? Why are we no longer friends on facebook? How could you disappear without saying anything? I don't expect you to be my friend again, I don't think I could treat you the same again. But I wish you could just tell me why you suddenly stopped talking to me. Was it because I didn't pick up on it quick enough? Sorry I only realised you stopped talking me after a few months of silence, I have a life too. Though I hoped you would become part of my life, it seems it wasn't meant to be.

    I can wait forever for someone if I was in the wrong and hurt them, but if I haven't done anything at all to offend and they just disappear without a word, yet still be tantalisingly within my reach, it hurts too much to hold on.

    I haven't let go yet. I'm an idiot, I forgive much too quickly. But... you haven't made a move.. yet? Will you?

    Will you just become a bitter-sweet memory?

  8. #14522011-12-28 12:38:52AnimeShifter said:

    Dear CPT. BLUE CAPE (In other words- me)

    Could you stop crying when you're about to sleep? In the morning my eyes become sticky. Next- don't be such an ugly beast- do something. Third- stay strong, it doesn't matter that you got friend zoned.

    Best regards, All other selves who live in AnimeShifter's body.

  9. #14682011-12-28 14:06:24 *PurinFIN said:

    Dear me,

    I know we are living hard times but really there´s so much potential inside you, even thou you look pretty melancholic i know you´re an enthusiast from inside to out. You´re just pretty good hiding it.

    You act like you are honest and open person but that´s not way it really is. You´re hiding in mist of your own hatred and sadness. I wish you would stop doing it, as we have seen it wont lead to anything good.

    Never give up and go all on against whatever life brings to you. Our day will come.

    Päti, Purin, Patrick, ChronoRunner, whoever you want me to be.

  10. #15182011-12-28 16:38:29xluminouschan said:

    Dear awesome sauce,

    When I first started here, you guys made me feel welcome. I really love my life, knowing that I can always talk to you.

    Love, xluminouschan

  11. #15712011-12-28 18:50:43 *KAGAMI said:

    Dear somebody,

    Why did you stop talking to me? I thought we were suppose to be best friends. But ever since two years ago when we were placed in different classes, you don't even look at me. Why? And also, just because I wrote that xx/xx/xxxx is my birthday on Facebook, doesn't mean it's my real birthday. You of all people should know how my brain works. Well, thanks to you, I now know who my real friends are. I realize you might have been using me.

    Sincerely, Kagami-kun

  12. #16912011-12-28 21:14:51Kaheliini said:

    Dear good friends of mine, I really enjoyed hangin' out with you after such a long time of not seeing eachother. I really hope we can meet up again soon, so that M and myself can be a bad influence to A and make him eat ice cream out of a mug meant for soda and steal pizza bread. Then we could get all nostalgiafaggy and I could talk with J about how we used to play pokemon games together and stuff. Greetings to you all, Kaheliini.

  13. #17432011-12-28 22:51:54hais said:

    To my rabu, i'm sorry. forgive me for everything and making things so dramatic between us. i just want us to be happy. i love you ;; From, your rabu.

  14. #18202011-12-29 01:12:28Bjmac said:

    Dear guy,

    You had a crush on me, and I wasn't interested. Now I have a crush on you, and you're not interested.


    Cheers, Bitchface

  15. #18262011-12-29 01:20:11TalTal said:

    Dear ex best friend,

    Thanks for ruining my 8th grade. Thanks for dumping me as soon as your old friend moved back, as if I wasn't a thing with feelings. Thanks for spreading lies and giving me the dirty look/cold shoulder. I never got to tell you this, but, you're a bitch :)

    Hope you get an STD, Me <3

  16. #20392011-12-29 15:46:34zarakiXespada said:

    Dear someone, i hate being told what to do like i have no idea what going on around me but guess what i don't know you that well for you to do that so back off and also stop telling how your life is much better then mines CAUSE I DON'T CARE!!! from your new worst enemy :)