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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #679082014-01-02 18:05:43Kip said:

    Dear ST,

    I'm so glad you finally decided to get the hell out of J's life. You are a crazy, obsessive bitch who doesn't know how to let things go. 12 years later and you still think that J might be interested in you despite the fact that he has a fiance`, a baby, and is getting ready to buy a fucking house. Are you really this stupid? By the way, pretending that you are going to start cutting yourself or threatening that you will is not how friends operate. Which is what you were. A FRIEND. you dated J when you were like 13, get the fuck over yourself all ready you sad, sad excuse of a human being. He's 26 now. HE HAS A LIFE. AND IT DOES NOT INVOLVE YOU IN IT.

    You should have realized that when he fucking dropped your friendship like a sack of bricks the moment D came into his life and he was absolutely infatuated with her. Your problems no longer became his problems. In fact, they shouldn't have been his problems in the first place, you manipulative whore. By the way, while you were claiming that he was supposed to be "yours", weren't you also sending nude photos to SE, when you knew that E had a crush on him, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND? You make me sick. The THOUGHT of you makes me want to vomit in disgust.

    I am so glad you are not in any of our lives anymore. I'm glad you told J that he was a shitty friend and that he didn't care about you anymore, while he had more important things to be worrying about like his work, his daughter, and his girlfriend. I'm glad he took it offensively and told you to get the fuck out of his life. I'm glad that the moment he did it, you removed all of us from your Skype, Facebook, and anywhere else. We don't need you around. You are a toxic person, and you need to get your shit together. I'm glad that you were never able to wrap your grubby little hands around J and were not able to control him like you tried to control everyone else. I'm glad that you were terrified to talk to me because you knew I wouldn't take your shit either. I'm glad you knew that I was J's best friend, not you, and got even more upset over that fact. I'm glad that you and I never got along.

    I'm glad you never tried to have an actual conversation with me because I would have fucking floored you for being such an ignorant cunt to J. I am HAPPY that everybody else knew about my disliking for you as well.

    Stay out. Don't bother coming back. Don't ever message J again, or else you'll have to answer to me this time.

    You suck. You are the worst human being I've ever had the displeasure of knowing.

    Sincerely, the bitch who's going to curb stomp you if you ever show your face around us again.

  2. #679642014-01-04 09:39:12Kip said:

    dearest friend,

    sometimes the best part of my day is when you and I get to chat. I find myself anxiously waiting for you to wake up so that we can talk. when you're gone my days are noticeably boring. I've become accustomed to the way you speak and express emotions, whether it's about a new game, book, or another silly phone call you had to deal with that day.

    You always know the right things to say, and I could read/listen to what you have to say for hours! sometimes I like just sitting back and seeing the things you come up with, although my responses are usually so dull that I disappoint myself with them. I think I'm getting better at expressing myself though! I need to come up with new ways to show my appreciation for you. conversing has never been a good skill of mine.

    I love talking with you about all sorts of things, and none if it is ever uninteresting! I wish I wasn't so busy all the time so that I could spend the day with you and stay up really late playing games and ranting about all kinds of stuff together. these are some of my favorite moments!

    I hope things go really well for you. if I could I would beat everybody up who makes you sad or angry!! and if I had the money I'd buy you all the fancy books and super awesome games you wanted - without waiting for the sales huhuhu.

    anyways this is my super cheesy message and I hope you enjoy it. I'm falling asleep so I can't make it any longer!!!

    love, Kip

  3. #679712014-01-04 12:38:57Animefreak96 said:

    Dear Angel,

    I really miss talking to you. I've been trying to contact you, and sending you texts, yet you choose to ignore them. Even though I've never met you in person, I consider you as one of my closest friends. You always knew how to cheer me up: so kind and adoring. I just wanna know why you've been ignoring me! did I do something, or didn't? If you don't want to talk to me, then please respond to my messages, and tell me to leave you alone! I'll leave you alone if that is what you wish for!

    I really miss you, angel....

  4. #679832014-01-04 20:01:58Noodle said:

    When I say 'I would have done the same thing' it does not mean we're cool. It just means we are not friends, and I still don't like you.

  5. #680282014-01-06 10:02:15Trisak said:

    Dear Steam

    Thank you kindly for being so giving every time I get a badge and such. These cupons are just so great that I can't bring myself to use them to buy the "amazing" games you offer me... but since I can't, they just end up disappearing... This is what, the third or fourth cupon which will just end up expiring in my inventory? So sad...

    Dear Reader

    Following my rant, I might as well ask if anyone who cares to read this would be interested in a 75% cupon for Trapped Dead on steam (a game which happens to have many lovely negative reviews mind you). If so, I'll be more than willing to give it away.

    Dear Dearest Human

    I miss you

    Sincerely Trisak

  6. #680312014-01-06 11:03:44 *eterno said:

    Dear pesky plumbers,

    The Koopalings and I, have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom!

    The princess is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Koopa Hotels!

    I dare you to find her if you can!

    Dear this site,

    3 years.

    Dear a certain someone,

    It's been soo long and you have created your own legacy! In fact, everyone calls me by YOUR NAME nowadays. I mean, what the hell XD

    Maybe, it's because your name has only 4 letters and mine is 6.

    It's been fun! Here's to a good New Year!

    Dear this site again,

    uhh... I wanted to say something but... Idk why but... I feel somewhat happy or somewhat joyful for everything that has happened these past 3 years. I mean, despite everything and despite your current state.

    To be honest, I didn't expect you to turn out this way 3 years ago. Everything that happened seemed so random and unexpected that now I am no longer sad that your future has become so bleak bright. To think that 2 years ago, I thought this site couldn't get any worse but somehow it managed to is just so hilarious!

    But I certainly learned a lot here! So, although I will definitely be sad if you should go away, just like that other site I used to go to for 10 years, at least I have the privilege to spend a major part of my life here. Now that I know you almost inside-out, all-around, and boy, I even know about your future (assuming you stick to the current plan), I just wanna say, this is almost exactly what was happening to that other site.

    Last word of advice, if I may, just because there's activity doesn't mean the site is OK. A website or internet forum always needs a good cycle of new users coming in and old users dropping out. Even though there are new users now, doesn't mean it'll keep being like that down the line.

    FYI, the other site started to become in your current state back in 2007, I think. It survived for 6 more years... or a better word would be... it suffered.

    I can give you no further advice because of what you did.

    Signed, eterno

    P.S.: I really wished that I could have done something more.

    P.P.S: I might be wrong.

  7. #683732014-01-12 04:58:06Kip said:

    Dear Fuckhead,

    You, yet again, have come up with new ways to remind me just HOW MUCH of a piece of ass you really are. No amount of words can describe the intensity of hatred I harbor towards you. When you take a dump, does it come out of your mouth? Because bullshit seems to be the only thing that ever comes out of it these days.

  8. #684692014-01-14 00:59:52--Jack-- said:

    Dear ██████,

    You're very self-absorbed, and no you aren't right all the time. Even if you don't think you're like that...you are, and it's fucking annoying. You're one of those pseudo-intellectuals who thinks since they've taken time to memorize a few books or visit wiki your judgment is always accurate. The only solace I take in being aware of your existence is that there are other people that I know also dislike you. That and knowing and observing you as you stumble past basic social skills like empathy, and how you belligerently argue a point far after others stop giving a shit.

    Kindly piss off, Jack

  9. #686012014-01-15 06:30:07Kittycat said:

    Dear < blank >,
    Why do you ignore me and leave me in the dark. It gets cold being alone, without you... all I ask is to talk to you. Months are seeming to become years, yet I still wait here. waiting for you to give me anything... a message, a word... even a single letter. I wouldn't mind if you said how much you hated me... How annoying I am... and how I ruin your day. I just want a sign. I just want something to tell me anything. I just want to talk to you... even if it's the last time. I just want to know why. It's been so long, that I've started thinking - and that's not a good sign - thinking about what I could have done wrong... and where I messed up along the way. The more I think about it the worse I feel, the more questions left unanswered, and the more I think about you...so just tell me already! End my misery, and tell me how much you utterly hate me! Tell me anything... please.

    I'll be waiting here, Kitty Cat.

  10. #686072014-01-15 09:02:20Rinneko said:

    Dear ________,

    If you want to get a divorce, go ahead. If you don't, please sort out your darn issues. Do not throw them on me; do not involve my sister.

    You have no right to rebuke me for being concerned over any of my family members. It is utterly natural. Even though you were less than privileged as a child, and you keep complaining about the lack of concern over you, I can't do anything about it. I absolutely have no control over your past. You also seem too wrapped up in self-pity to see all the shows of affection around you.

    Leave me out of it.

    With frustration, R

  11. #686232014-01-15 19:50:47Rebel said:

    To my favorite Cousin,

    Thank you for showing me that there's still things to be happy about in this world, you just need to go out side and create it, share it, merge with it, and live it.... I learn from you that i shouldn't worry to much, and that family is important and they always got your back and you should never keep secretes away from them

    thanks for showing me all those things this past Christmas... I love yah lil cuz~

  12. #686242014-01-15 19:59:15DarkChaplain said:

    you should never keep secretes away from them

    Fair warning: This will come back to bite you in the arse, sooner rather than later

  13. #686572014-01-17 05:07:00Kittycat said:

    Dear myself,
    I'm sorry to say this, but you care too much. Why must you strive to think in another way; a way that you find acceptable to the social standards in your life? If you want to be seen as nobody, be my guest... be "normal". If you want to lose everything that matters about you, everything that matters to you, then keep doing what you are doing... Keep yourself in a cage... be a prisoner to your mind; a mind bent in such a way that it fears everything. Be afraid of life... hide behind your disguise, that makes you unnoticeable, that makes you feel unappreciated, because that's what you deserve; a person that doesn't appreciate one's self does not deserve to be appreciated by anyone else. Keep it up... I'm sure you'll be very happy with yourself, very happy with your life, and very happy in your cage...

    Stop being an idiot, Kitty.

  14. #686592014-01-17 05:40:14Jacek said:

    Dear, Senator retracted,

    Could you please stop being such a pain the ass? Look, I understand that you want to go "down in history," but causing people grief and causing destruction in order to keep yourself in the political race (and, let's be honest, you're doing this to earn money as well, you jackass), is not the good way to do it. Someone will find out and it's not going to be pretty when they do.

    (PS: please stop listening to that music with the faggy singer)

  15. #686842014-01-17 22:47:30Lycan said:

    To a special someone.

    What color are your panties?
    If you can't answer that, favorite bra will suffice.

  16. #689782014-01-23 21:29:43Kittycat said:

    Dear myself,
    I know you're under a lot of pressure. I know you're under a lot of stress... I know this because I know you. This is why I have something really important to ask you... why? Why do you have to be sad? What could anyone have done to you to cause you to feel this why? Nobody has done anything... You have only led yourself to believe this. I know why.. and I understand how you feel, but that's not gonna solve anything... Certain things happen in life, but you're gonna have to move on... Don't make yourself think about things that already happened... you can't change what happened in the past.. you are who you are, don't hate yourself for that reason... Just let it go... forget about everything... enjoy life for what it is... and don't let yourself get carried away. now don't you feel silly for feeling the way you did? :3 good :P
    Keep on going, Kitty :P

  17. #689812014-01-23 22:29:15Rune said:

    Dear Washington and Utah Regionals participants...

    Please be strong enough so that I can make the top cut but not too strong that I can't make the top cut. kthx

  18. #690022014-01-24 14:52:38Kip said:

    dear bitter old hag,

    I know exactly what to say to make you break. don't test me. you can insult me, but the moment you insult my family shit is going down. I don't want to ever hear another word about them from you.

    you're a lonely old woman who's got cobwebs in her vagina. i would tell you to go get laid but nobody wants to fuck a wrinkled piece of used napkin. you're disgusting. I feel bad for your son and even worse for your husband.

    sincerely me holding my tongue until you say just the wrong thing

  19. #690102014-01-24 16:59:59Ultrahaze said:

    dear _______,

    I do apologize for being inactive in the past few.....4 years. By means I never meant to be so distant, it's just I realized I had a lot of growing up to do. Actually, concerning the person I am now, I haven't really changed. The last time I ever logged in was a million years ago and I miss what I had.... the friends i had.... the pointless conversations. All of them meant so much to me, and now that I reflect on the type of person I was back then.... I realize.... how much I miss the good old days. However, I know I shouldn't dwell on the past. I truly hope I can catch up with old friends.... I really do. :')