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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #697922014-02-06 17:08:05Kuroba_Loki said:

    If you fail me again, due to the sole reason of me making you look stupid in the whole damn class, I swear to God, I will burn you until your ashes turn to ashes.

  2. #697952014-02-06 17:35:36Ecstasy said:

    Dear ____,
    You probably don't realize how much of a stress relief you've been to me lately. Thank you.

    Dear me,
    I have no idea how you ended up playing that yaoi visual novel and even followed through the main plot, but the fact that it made you cry a little in the end seriously worries me.

  3. #698002014-02-06 21:53:13kurodesu said:

    Dearest sister

    I'm completely okay with the fact that people think we are incestuous. However, if you ever actually do come onto me- and I'm sure you never will- that will NOT be okay.

    ~Love~ your sister

  4. #698352014-02-08 16:02:48 *Noodle said:


    私はあまり言葉を分からないけど、君が我慢できる。ありがとう。 木曜日すごく楽しみ。

  5. #698442014-02-09 07:13:06 *Rinneko said:

    Dear me,

    I thought you were stronger than this. You need to be stronger than this. Keep going.

    Dear _______ & _______,

    Thank you for everything thus far. I'm glad I got to know both of you, and that we have the chance to work together. I'm trying my best, and I hope you two will be happy.

    Dear fever,

    Stop coming back to see me! ;A; I don't need to meet you twice in the first two months of the year.

  6. #698802014-02-10 02:35:13Kip said:

    Dear ___,

    You are a very dramatic person, and I dislike you. I'm sure a lot of other people do as well. I'm not surprised. Please throw your router into a fire and do the rest of us a favor by quitting the internet forever.

  7. #699062014-02-10 19:40:39kurodesu said:

    Dear friend,

    Dude I am so sorry I got your boyfriend banned from campus. I really fucked up. Especially since that was was supposed to be the last time... Your ability to forgive me after the hurt I've caused you amazes me, so I'm taking the next step in my life and throwing away everything that I had left over. It's been a bumpy ride for me but I should have already taken this step. I may be sober now but I'll always be an addict.

    Love, respect, and gratitude, Leah

  8. #699672014-02-12 16:11:14DarkChaplain said:

    Dear _____,

    Wake up already, I want to talk to you again. It's been too long!

    Dear ______,

    I'm gonna punch you if you forget to record that voice clip for me :V

    Dear _______,

    Get your shit together. Stop pushing decisions further out, stop making excuses. Just get on with it and act. You can't be indecisive forever.

    Dear ____________,

    Pull yourself together, stop thinking, start acting, and move on. You can't just idle around like this. Instead make attempts at achieving shit, rather than worrying about it to the point of paralyzing yourself. One step at a time. Go.

  9. #701212014-02-16 13:02:08Kip said:

    Dear _____,

    Wow, if you aren't going to do or say anything productive, please just shut up and go away.

    Dear _____,

    I'm glad we've gotten to talk recently, and that you feel comfortable enough to tell me things that I'm sure are probably hard to tell others. Maybe it's because internet friends are easier to talk to, but regardless it makes me feel happy and I want you to feel happy! I'll try to help any way I can when you come to me with thoughts or issues.

    Dear __,

    I wish my last couple of weeks weren't so terrible. I miss you.

  10. #702312014-02-18 19:43:40Taro_Tanako said:

    Dear Dad.

    I know you mean well and that I asked you to help motivate me to study over half term but can you please stop locking the WiFi while you're at work?! Its like having a limb lopped off!! Less stick and more carrot please pops.


    Dear _______,

    You make me smile. Please continue being awesome.


  11. #702442014-02-19 04:39:39Cenica said:

    Dear Mangie,
    I really hate to say it, because you are a pretty awesome person, but you suck as a manager. Initially I believed you simply had too many things on your plate; as the store is understaffed and all; but I've come to realize you're just not that great at your job. The schedule varies greatly week to week and I never know whether I'll be working during the mornings or evenings; or even which days. You tell one employee something and expect them to pass the information along; rather than telling everyone. An employee will be told when they do something wrong but not specifically what it was or what they should have done instead. Meanwhile you gossip about employees while they're not around. This list goes on but I think this is enough.
    I was waiting for you to get things straightened out and stabilized before looking for another job, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen anytime soon. You are a nice and fun person, just not a good manager. So when I find a new job I'll wish you the best of luck as I take my leave.

    Dear Crabby,
    I realize things have seemed really quiet and repetitive lately. (Like we end up saying the same things over and over.) It seems like we don't really have that much in common. But we do have common ideals and I think that's why we get along so well. All in all I enjoy our conversations and hope things are going well for you.
    I don't mind your pinching. In fact it makes me smile. But please don't leave me talking to myself... It's embarrassing and I feel awkwards...
    <3 Cen

    Dear Pound,
    Get your shit together... You are 18 years old and you are still procrastinating on life. Don't be a leech. I hate leeches. I'm told you're very smart when you try. Yet you're not smart enough to realize you won't be able to live like this forever.
    It's good to have fun, but you've never really learned to be responsible. I think it's going to come back to bite you now.
    Sincerely Cen

  12. #702542014-02-19 13:27:56 *Rinneko said:

    Dear ______,

    Did I upset you? I don't recall doing anything that would warrant your anger. Explanation needed.

    Dear ______,

    Make up your mind.
    Don't be so easily influenced by others. You have your own bloody mind, don't you?
    Get your priorities straight, and your shit together. You are the authorative figure, and we need some organisation here.
    Flaring up at me, or anyone for that matter, does not help. The problem is you, and you need to solve it.
    Believe me. If I could fling you out, I would do so.

    With a diminishing love, R

  13. #702752014-02-20 06:05:37 *kofuku said:

    Dear Waifu,

    I'm so (so so so x infinity) sorry I haven't emailed you back yet. I've had it in my head for weeks that I had, but now I realize it was probably just a dream or like when I was in high school and would get 0's on my assignments because I'd convince myself I passed them in when they were really just getting crumpled at the bottom of my locker looking to never be found until the end of the year after I'd just barely skimmed by because I'm a fucking imbecile.

    I promise to get my shit together.


    Your Little Canadian

  14. #702832014-02-20 13:15:30Kip said:

    Dear winter cold,

    I would like to give you back your stuffy nose and sore throat, it's a real pain in the butt and I have things I need to get done around here. I can't be getting sick.

    Sincerely, Kip

  15. #707172014-03-01 04:17:37Kip said:

    dear you,

    this isn't the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last i'm sure. we've had talks about this before and how absolutely shitty it makes me feel. i apologize for nothing, because i did nothing wrong. you knew what you were doing.

    from me

  16. #708102014-03-02 20:27:33Maryam said:

    Dear whoever,

    It's really strange to read this thread and realize that every single person has problems of their own that we most likely have no clue about. How human each one of you is and how much daily anguish and frustration you feel as well. That you are more than just annoying floating avatar heads filling up speech bubbles in a chat room. The internet sure is great, huh.

  17. #708122014-03-02 21:24:20DarkChaplain said:

    Dear ________,

    Just because I have the knowledge and skill required to fix your shit and we're family doesn't mean that I'll jump whenever you need help for easy problems. Especially not if I've walked you through those things plenty of times already, and the way you talk to me when asking for, no, demanding help, makes me not bother at all.

    Fuck, make up your mind! You either want my help and accept that I've got more knowledge on the matter than you and let me do that shit my way, or stop asking me for help if all you do is limit what I can do because your own interest in complex ways to solutions is zero and you don't trust my abilities to not screw things up.

    And for fuck's sake, listen when I explain something to you, and be ready to change your habits to broaden your horizon, rather than wanting the same ineffective ways you always do things. If I tell you how to do things better, trust me with my advice instead of changing the topic and getting stressed out and angry because you can't be arsed to learn how to accept that my authority on the subject by far exceeds your own.

    I'm sick and tired of your attempts to force me to do your bidding and change my own schedules for you. I live my own life, even if you might not get that into your head. You neither know of nor understand my priorities and/or efforts, and my ideologies do not align with your own, as we both know. Stop faulting me for things you neither care about nor understand, just because they don't match up with your narrow, self-centered and fairly disappointing and distasteful views on life and the world. You may pity my decisions and positions because you don't understand, you might fault me for handling things my way and being less rigid than you are, but I pity you for your own way to make yourself miserable. I might not meet your expectations, but neither do you meet mine. Maybe one day I'll try to explain myself to you - again - but I doubt you'll listen or understand, as that seems to be a frequent problem with you. Why bother listening to somebody else's struggles when you can make a competition of who has it harder out of it? So I won't bother. I'm sick and tired enough of this situation as is.

    Tough luck, isn't it?


  18. #708202014-03-03 00:23:32Kip said:

    dear you,

    i'm really tired of you arguing the shit out of everything that comes out of my fucking mouth. i'm done trying to converse with you.