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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #708832014-03-04 15:04:06Rinneko said:

    Dear certain authoritative figures,

    I am not like you. Stop trying to make me become like you. I have my own way of handling things, and personal interests I would like to pursue. Your methods do not work well for me, and I have no intention of conforming to them.
    Leave me be.

    Sincerely, R

  2. #712382014-03-14 05:19:24Deftones said:

    Dear recent person in my life,

    I hope things go well between us, and if things don't go well, I hope we end on good terms. I do want to teach you bass! It's just hard sometimes when you're just there, I get pretty distracted. Your ex is a bitch, we both know this and I wish I would stop running into her on the train, I keep thinking she's going to stab me.

    I'm enjoying the time spent with you and I'd like to know you better.

    Dear Bedroom

    Fuck you, clean yourself. just joking I'll clean you real good, weekend clean job all the way.

    Dear Best person in the world, aka me, aka centre of the universe

    Join the gym fatty

  3. #712502014-03-14 09:21:16Ecstasy said:

    Dear freshly unbanned person,
    Welcome back. I was hoping you'll make it ♥

    Dear me,
    I wish I could make your clone and date it.
    love you.

  4. #712532014-03-14 11:35:50 *Mikaze said:

    Dear _____,

    You're such a hypocrite. Stop asking me why I'm "mad" at you. You should know better then everyone else.

    Dear _____,

    You know I do love you right? I don't mind anything that you do, really. And you know I won't ever hurt you purposely. Just please stop biting and licking me, it makes me want to punch you hard<3

    Dear English teacher,

    oi, I can see some hardcore favouritism happening.

  5. #712652014-03-14 16:54:50DarkChaplain said:

    Dear Family, please let me know ahead of time that you want to visit. And no, 23 hours before you intend to appear is not ahead of time, at least not far enough for my taste. Now you've ruined my friday evening since I have to clean like a madman.
    Oh well, here's hoping for nice lunch tomorrow...

  6. #712732014-03-14 18:48:48mizlily said:

    Dear Inuyasha,

    Today I went to school, I took an exam. I think i did okay. Right now I still have these neck pains that won't go away. I've been having them for the longest time and I wished they would just go away. As of right now I'm hoping it will fade as I age, even though I know that it will only get worst. I'm too lazy to go to the doctors, and when I do I never talk about it....because I don't think it's important even though it is............sigh. Now my back is starting to hurt.

  7. #712772014-03-14 20:21:28 *xXKurisu-KunXx said:

    Dear ____,

    You're a good friend. Sometimes a real pain in the ass, but, still one of my closest friends. You always got my back and l got yours. You and I have a lot in common and I can seem to always relate to you. You piss me off a lot, but, in the end can always seem to forgive you for it. I hope this pain in the ass friendship I enjoy will last for a while. Thanks for these past 6 years of being a friend to me

    Your Dear Friend, Chris.

    Dear Sis,

    Please stop bitching to me about your boyfriend. I really cared at first, but, after 2 months of hearing about it. I really don't give to much of a shit. Either break up with him or don't. Don't always rely on me to help make decisions for you. If I say it is for you to decide... you decide. Please don't bring me into it. Lucky for you I'm patient and I love ya enough to put up with it.

    Your Big Brother, Chris

  8. #712832014-03-15 00:07:19 *Cenica said:

    Dear Moo,
    You're a real bitch.'ve only been here for a few weeks and already I'm considering moving back to Ale's. You're smothering. Judgmental. Controlling. And worst of all you like to pick at soft spots. I try to do things that you approve of but you're always asking for more. There is only so much that I can do. You never remember things, twist around the things that I say, and forget the things you've told me. Later claiming you've never said them at all. You want me to go back to school full time. But then you want me to work two jobs and even mentioned something recently about, "when you get your own apartment." (Of course this is after I moved back home, you telling me I always had a room here and could stay as long as I wanted...)
    Don't get me wrong. You're family and I love you but I can't stand to be around for more than a few hours at a time.
    It seems like it's always been your side of the family with high expectations. And I realize that a lot of your own are riding on me; since I was the only one of your kids that showed any potential for or interest in college and a promising career. I don't mean to sound narcissistic but it's really true. Which is a bit sad...
    But it would be really nice if you were more considerate about other people's circumstances and less judgmental. Also not so controlling. Let me make adult decisions...
    And it'd be nice if you'd let Ale bring my other dog here to stay. I told you he wasn't really mean and it'd be good to have him around with coyotes and living in the country and all...

    Dear Pound,
    Stop acting like a little girl on the rag. Grow up. Man up. And stop being so sensitive and emo. Also why don't you get any chores!? No wonder you have no sense of responsibility.

  9. #712882014-03-15 01:19:06DarkChaplain said:

    Dear ______,
    I'm glad to be there for you, even if I can't do much other than listen and talk. Learning more about you makes me happy, and I am glad to have you.
    You're awesome, more so than you may seem to realize, and I am proud of you. And I'm not just saying that because I don't want to clean the kitchen right now. I mean it.


    It is curiously satisfying to see that you are still so full of shit. Some things really never change, eh?


  10. #714202014-03-17 14:33:18Rinneko said:

    Dear _______,

    Always lovely to know that your care for others only extends as far as your convenience.

    Dear _______ and _______,

    Get divorced. You both understand that it is a viable option, but avoid it for the sake of your responsibilities. It has reached the point where dragging the issue is not helping even those responsibilities you speak of. Believe me.

  11. #720602014-03-26 22:19:06Cenica said:

    Dear Mangie,
    You are totally cursed.
    Every new person you try to hire is too lazy to take the online classes or never shows up for the orientation. What has it been like....4 or 5 people now? Not to mention the people that actually make it to being hired always end up leaving work for various unfortunate circumstances.
    First guy: back problems which led him to file for disability.
    Second guy: on probation and got in a fight which ended up with him going back to jail.
    Third girl: Suicide attempt.
    I really hate to quit on you...but I'm thinking I will have to put in notice soon. My second job with cows pays more and my workload is fixing to increase with summer on the way.
    Plus I have plans to go back to school...
    (Not to mention I don't want to catch whatever it is you've got...)
    I really do wish you all the best. You are a really nice and fun person.
    Sincerely Cen

    Dear Crabby,
    I feel my life is saying I am no longer allowed to talk to you. Haven't said much to you in a long while and things have been busy or such. Really frustratings. Hope you're doing well enough without me.
    Loce Cen

  12. #750552014-05-07 15:49:41Zyxx23 said:

    To my best friend,

    How could you say that? or even think that? I mean, okay I know I made a mistake and did not pay attention to you when you really needed it. And I would understand it if you will get mad at me and not speak to me because of it. But ending our best friend status cause you think that you are too much of a jealous type and that I can't handle it, that is just not acceptable. You're blaming yourself too much when in fact I was the one who was wrong. Now you say we should just be normal friends and not talk so much with each other. It's just feels like everything I said and we went through was all for nothing. I mean I trusted and, I still trust you. But I guess you have no confidence in me whatsoever. I'm just that WEAK to you. Everyone else thinks that, so I guess why shouldn't you? So yeah, I understand your point, but that doesn't mean I can accept the outcome. It feels like you left me, so now I am going to do what you want. I'm gonna leave, well the current me anyways. The current "ME" is gone, and will not come back. So say hello to the new "ME". I'll revert back to trusting no one with my secrets and try to move on. GOOD BYE to my ex-best friend, GOOD BYE to the past "ME". It was fun while it lasted.

    From, a person who will never trust anyone as much as I trusted you

  13. #752742014-05-10 01:16:30squareof3 said:

    Dear Mom & Dad, Hey guys its been awhile....well not really but it feels like forever since we've actually acted like a family. I know you two have your problems and I don't need to know about them, but for god sakes just do something about it. You both are making life in this house horrible, I mean don't get me wrong it could be much worse.

  14. #754472014-05-12 12:12:53rakkyo said:

    Dear __, I don't know why but I still miss you???? I shouldn't bc you were shitty to me but still idk. maybe it's because I don't really have friends or shit.(ok I have one but)

    Dear only friend, you are awesome but I'm jealous of every other friend you have, maybe because I'm afraid of being not good enough again. ew feelings suck.

  15. #754622014-05-12 19:36:08Kuroba_Loki said:

    Dear net,

    Why do you hate me so??

    We were getting along fabulously these previous weeks....then you up and leave me???

    How rude ;~~~; Even if I can live without you, that'd still be boring

    So don't be like that, and come back, come back to me <3

    Sincerely; Me .___.

  16. #754852014-05-12 21:49:57Cenica said:

    Dear people,
    Please stop doing things without concern for others. You really complicate things when you do this and it's very frustrating to have plans ruined because you didn't think that someone else had some.