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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #754892014-05-12 23:51:24 *Teil said:

    Dear ex,

    I have absolutely no idea how you haven't figured this out yet, but I get realllyyy uncomfortable talking to you. Please save me from eventually having to flat out tell you and move on. Even after our relationship you still insist on using me for an ear to all your problems and I've told you so many times that you should just stop trying to talk to me about them. I can see right through your intentions and it only hurts more that you don't even attempt to stop.

    Sincerely, Teil

  2. #755252014-05-13 08:56:06AshitoKenji said:

    Dear best friend, Thanks for being my friend even though I am a complete dickhead most of the time and am really annoying. You fell for my trap (act cool at first and then when it's too late for you to turn back, show you the real me), and then you ended up not hating me anyway (which was a disappointment because that meant my plan didn't work..?). I absolutely love you and you're the best friend that a guy could ever ask for :) I know that I'm really competitive and kind of a hypocrite (a lot of a hypocrite) AND always boast about things even if they're not that great, but you don't hold it against me which I really appreciate.

    Love, me :)

  3. #755292014-05-13 09:23:53 *Rinneko said:

    Dear Cold War,

    You might've been easier to study if you ended in an actual hot war. (But then again, life as we know it would be different so that ain't a good idea.)

  4. #755412014-05-13 13:06:21Johtoh said:

    Dear condo manager,



    Your fucking cash crop

  5. #756152014-05-14 07:23:59Kip said:

    Dear unforgivable cunt,

    I hate you. Don't you dare try crawling back to me. I will fucking end you.

    Sincerely, me.

  6. #756472014-05-14 16:25:43 *Cenica said:

    Dear High School Friend Who Hasn't Spoken to or Text Me in Several Months,

    You are a severe pain. Texting me the day before you arrive and wanting to hang out together is not so bad but could you make up your mind on what you'd like to do. And you are lucky I just happen to have these 3 days off or you'd be shit out of luck and all on your lonesome.
    Also hanging out with a high school teacher may be fun for you as you've kept in contact with and visited her quite a few times over the years, but for me it's likely she won't even remember me. It's been like 4 years since I was sitting in her class and teachers have a lot of students. It would be awkward and not so fun for me and maybe a bit uncomfortable for her as well.
    Seriously when are you going to learn to consider others' feelings and situations....

    A Very Frustrated and Exasperated Cen
    And here's a cute gif of a kid hitting a bear that somewhat fits this situation. (Well not really but it's cute and it makes me feel better.)

  7. #756512014-05-14 17:19:02Zyxx23 said:

    Dear _________,

    So yeah, you got mad at me today. And as I predicted, he told you all about it. Yeah, I banned him in chatango. I was in a bad mood and he was being a really annoying prick to everyone. So yeah I banned him, but only for a little while. Then when I unbanned him, I was still in a bad mood btw, that prick said "why not permanent?". So I blew a fuse and banned him again. Then I told the others to inform the other admins to unban him when they can. But guess what? No one freakin listened! So yeah, I went and unbanned him again. So now you're okay and not angry anymore, cause he told you that I unbanned him. What the hell is up with that!? He was the one who asked for it, but he was the one who complained. What the HELL is up with THAT!?!? That prick really gets on my nerves. But, what hurts me most of all is that, it seemed that you did not even care about my side of the story. Really!?!? I support and understand your every decision. I'm there for you for anything, but this? THIS!?!? It's just really disappointing. It's like I'm the only one exerting effort in this relationship. I know he's your best friend, but still. It really bugs me so much that I stayed away from that community. Heck, I didn't stay away from YOU cause I really cared for you and I didn't want to hurt you. But... but... GRRRAAAAAA!!! I need some time to think...

    With much Love,

    Your boyfriend

  8. #756552014-05-14 17:39:00lazymusician10 said:

    To my mom, I honestly do care and love for you. But I hate it when you yell at me for no reason and then apologize like nothing ever happened. i've been dealing with your crap for years! And I hate it! I'm not you mom, I can't keep everything bottled up inside and not talk to someone about it. I need to talk to someone about my problems! So I don't care if you hate that I talk about my personal life to people, for I can't talk to you, your not going to listen or just want to hurry up and talk about it an be done with it. I honestly can't wait til I graduate college so I can get as far away from you as possible.

    Love your daughter who has enough of your bs and mood swings and fake smiles.

  9. #757562014-05-15 09:35:57Savage said:

    Dear You Know Who You Are,

    I want you to know that I'm always there if you need me. I know that I've been busier these days with work and college, and I know that physical distance limits how much of a comfort I can be.

    But I understand the stresses you go through and I know that sometimes more than anything, it sucks when it feels like nobody is paying attention.

    And yeah, I admit, I still harbor feelings for you. While I admit it's terribly inconvenient, it's also kinda fun, so nyah nyah.

    Yours truly, Savage

  10. #758912014-05-16 12:55:11Rinneko said:

    Dear assholes,

    All of you better hope I never see you again. That will be the last time you can laugh at fucking anything.

    With overwhelming sincerity,

  11. #760502014-05-18 05:13:09 *dkx said:


    I love you very much.I don't hate you even a little.So,why you hate me?If you don't hate me,give me some money to buy PS4.If you can't,you are SUCK.

    your friend,DK

  12. #760842014-05-18 12:27:05DarkChaplain said:

    Dear BBQ,
    I am coming to get you in a few moments. As soon as this movie is copied to the USB stick.
    Fear my wrath!


  13. #760872014-05-18 13:34:23Zyxx23 said:

    Dear Crazy Brain of Mine,

    I know that you are crazy and all, but can you turn down the depression at least a little bit? It's not that much to ask really, just stop making thoughts that can put me down. I now it's been a long time since you worked normally. But for these past few days, your insanity is really beginning to bug me. Just a few days of peace, quiet, and normal sanity would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely yours,


  14. #763032014-05-21 03:49:21Cenica said:

    Dear Family,
    Stop giving me short notice about events and then being upset because you find out that I have work then and won't be able to go. It's seriously frustrating and I already told you people I need a weeks notice at least so I can put an RTO on the calender at work.
    And you guys are so contradicting it's not even funny. You're either proud of me because I've got two jobs and I'm making money or you're upset because I'm not spending enough time at family stuff or signing up to go back to college. You guys are probably half of my stress.
    http://karmaburn.com/files/ani/mao.gif Gao!

    Dear Work,
    I hate you. Enough said.

  15. #763282014-05-21 09:20:12Kip said:

    dear inconsiderate ex-friend,

    you're a piece of shit, and i hate you. i'm getting real tired of seeing you exist.

    sincerely, me.

  16. #763352014-05-21 10:56:35 *Zyxx23 said:

    Dear heart/kindness/humanity/compassion or whatever,

    Please get out of my system. All you brought me is pain and suffering. I need you out of my life RIGHT NOW so that I can avoid being close to people and getting hurt. Seriously, GET OUT! I DON'T NEED YOU! That is all.

    With Hate and Anger,


  17. #763912014-05-22 00:26:23 *Kip said:

    dear short and hairy,

    if you hurt one hair on her I will end you.

    sincerely, will not hesitate to drop kick you in your dumb fucking head