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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #20482011-12-29 16:28:39Viral said:

    Dear everyone here on CL -

    Did I ever tell you that I love you guys? No. Well, I love you guys (no hetero, homo, lesb, pedo, bestiality). You guys are awesome, and got me into too many things (but for the good of all).

    Love Viral

  2. #20612011-12-29 17:29:47hais said:

    Dear you who is above this post, This isn't very anon but it's okay because we all love you too<3 Love, everyone~

  3. #22362011-12-29 23:12:05Maryam said:

    Dear person who is above me and person who above THAT person,

    I love you both. I'll say it again. I want to know you both better. Also. I want Robin <3. This isnt anon at all. CL loves you both like a fat kid loves cake. You gaiz are so nice to me even though you barely know me. Its so sweet.

    Love, Your not-so-secret Admirer

    Dear ______,

    You're such a good friend. You always say you want to talk to me even though I know I bore you to death. Sometimes I wish you'd be more honest. I want our friendship to bloom a lot more. You have another best friend thats good though. Our convos are so awkward and rather redundant OTL. I love you so much though. If we have nothing or anyone to bitch or laugh about our convos have no real direction. I wish you'd tell me more about your problems so we can become a lot closer. It doesn't have to be ALL laughs when we're together.

    Love, Mary

  4. #22722011-12-30 01:52:11AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Dear stalker,

    You have loved me for what, three years starting in Feb.? I don't see how since you just know me from school and know almost nothing about my personal life. I won't complain about you much though since I like getting free gifts from you. My only problem with you is that you turned your best friend into my new stalker. Seriously? Isn't one of you enough? Again, I won't complain much because that just means that I get more free gifts.

    I feel like I am somehow taking advantage of you. I know this can't be true so I want pay anymore attention to it. How about you and your friend go to a far away place and just shack up together? That would make me the happiest just like you always wanted.

    Yours truly, Kari-chan

  5. #24212011-12-30 12:45:22Maryam said:

    Dear that person's stalker,

    You are hilarious. Keep up the good work. You just made me laugh so hard. Please become my stalker so I can get free gifts too. I post in this thread way too much. You should know because you should become my new stalker. We could go to the movies together but separately. See what I did there? Don't mind the one who doesn't like you as a stalker. I'll accept you and your best friend. Feel free to ACTUALLY talk to me. And send me gifts. That would be a plus.

  6. #26882011-12-31 07:48:49maelid said:

    To so-and-so,

    You are my friend so I don't want to mess anything up, but I would probably say this to your face anyway if I could meet up with you sometime, if you got your phone back, or if you answered your e-mail. But you don't. I wish you would tell that person that you were annoyed at them so that you can move past it. I agree that what that person did was the wrong thing to do, but they're like that and probably haven't even realised that what they did was wrong. That's why you have to tell them. Sit down and have a talk. Even if you end up yelling at each other I think you guys can work past that. I also wish you would tell me what you've done so that I can stop pretending like I don't know. Even if it won't change anything I say and do, it would feel different. I hope you had a nice Christmas.

    Much love, Maelid

  7. #26902011-12-31 07:53:52 *maelid said:

    To that person,

    If I had the permission of so-and-so I would tell you this to your face or on the phone, something, but I can't because it's really not my business so I can only watch. But you really shouldn't have done what you did. I understand if you were... flustered or something similar. But telling so many people something so personal about so-and-so that you were told, probably in confidence is not really the proper thing to do. It was so-and-so's secret to tell. I think you should really talk to so-and-so, and learn to keep someone else's secrets secret. I hope you had a great Christmas.

    Much love, Maelid

  8. #27202011-12-31 08:50:47Trev said:

    Dear you,

    I'm trying so very hard to be a person you can look up to. It hurts me more to let you down than it does to let myself down, sometimes. I'm not perfect. I don't mean to come across as angry as I do. Just bear with me and I promise I'll pull my weight.

    Love, Trev

  9. #29612012-01-01 04:09:10hais said:

    Dear everyone who was at M's new years party. Thank you for such a wonderful evening, this was the best new years i've ever had. i've missed you guys so much, i can't wait to see you all again. it sucks that you're all together in one college where i'm the only one out of our group who isn't there. But i love you all so much, happy new year<3 Love, your favourite asian in the whole wide world~

    Dear 1 and 2. i'm so sorry for you both, honestly. 1, you didn't deserve that at all. I know how you are and you're so scared and shy around girls (hell, you only managed to open up to me after 3 years). Don't blame yourself for not telling her how you feel, i'm so sorry that you had to see the girl you love make out with one of your friends over and over again, i've never seen you cry so bad before. It sucks because you never told anyone how you felt about her except M and me. I'm glad we sat down together and had a little chat about everything and i hope you meet someone who will be good to you, good luck in the army<3 2, we had our chats about it, i told you everything that you should do, you need to hurry up and forget about him, you'll find someone better. you both will<3 Love, the one who you rarely see but cares about you both the most~

    Dear everyone on CL. Happy new year! I hope you've all had a wonderful year and have great memories throughout the new year :) Love, haisu~

  10. #40602012-01-04 07:44:04Johtoh said:

    Dear me,

    Dont feel down that you moved to a random place with weird people. Also dont feel down that your friends dont want to hangout with you. Your as real as real fets, remember man, you moved to folsom and everyone there is a douche, and college is near. So keep your head up and do you. Im proud of ya bud, g'd night.

    From, Me

  11. #40712012-01-04 08:36:26quipna said:

    Dear Me,

    Your multiple persona problem is starting to scare all of us. Take a break, and kill some of us off, Merge some together, and try to come out with a more calm mind.

    From "The Guys"

    Also the Wife says "Hi"

  12. #40902012-01-04 09:57:06 *SlantDuffy said:

    Dear ________,

    Please realize that there is no secret to happiness. The unhappiness in your life stems mainly from wants that are left unnourished. Once you realize that there is no secret to happiness your desires diminish and you magically begin spreading happiness to those around you.

    Your god-damn fucking co-worker that actually cares about you.

  13. #42282012-01-04 20:31:10 *Dec said:

    Dear ______________________________ Wow, I've known you for... six years now and really life never gets dull around you. You are my small little munchkin that I love dearly. Ever since meeting you for the first time of pretending to be a monkey and thinking I never spoke a word of English, you miss have been a dear friend of mine. The way you care about everyone though never caring about yourself makes me just want to hug you. I love how you can make the dullest of situations as bright as possible. You are the only person that I know that can get high from drinking coca-cola and eating pennysweeties.

    You are the only person in the world that laughs just by the word saucepan. I remember the times where we would go down to the beach with the others and embarrass everyone by chasing the seagulls whilst pretending to either be a zombie or a dinosaur. After that we would go back to yours and at your brothers hair obsessed girlfriend. I wish the best for you in every possible way.

    The only thing I regret for you is that life threatening shit you've had since birth, sometimes I wish I could give you my lungs. I hate hearing you having to go into hospital. I can be honest I cried during that period of time when you were close to death and had to go around with oxygen. Although you joked about now being a turtle. I know that one day you will disappear from my life and that even pains me thinking about it. You are, one of the most inspiring individual I know.

    Thank you so much my little friend. I could write so much more about you though I won't or might sound more obsessed about you than I do now..


  14. #42522012-01-04 21:56:41Sutol said:

    Dear you, Why are you so hard to understand? Why do you insist on asking me so many questions?

    That time when we broke off our friendship, I thought it was better for the both of us and a wall was built between us and you went to my sister.

    After the new term you start to talk to me again and I am happy that we can still talk like we used to but I know we will never be able to go back to the way we used to be.

    I sometimes have feelings of wanting to go back those times when we laughed together, played together and shared our problems together but I've realised that you have changed into a person that I can no longer reach out anymore, I sometimes find that we're not on the same wavelength anymore and the thought of that kind of hurts.

    You don't know this and I don't think I'll ever tell you. I want you to keep moving forward and it would be nice if you still remember all the good times we had.

    Finally, I justed wanted to say thank you for being a true best friend for 5 years and thank you for accepting someone like me >.<. Goodbye, stay well.

    Love Sutol<3

  15. #45252012-01-05 21:43:48PureCarnage said:

    Dear ____ Why? Why would you allow yourself to get shoved through hell and back for nothing but suffering and injustice. You've dealt with enough, and now you feel as if your empty. Always saying you have a void in your chest, just manipulating your emotions and eating them up, manipulating you like all those people in your past years. . . You've allowed yourself to become nothing but a simple person who suffers everyday. Always walking the earth with swords in you as lessons of the acts of betrayal that you allowed even when you didn't know it, a void in your chest that does not explain it's purpose to you but uses you whenever it feels like doing so, and your aching heart always yearning to love, but bearing scars by time. But truly you've allowed one person to get to you the most, the person who's sword is the largest and deepest in your back, the one who ignored the void, and let your heart suffer. That person is you. You are your own demise and you are truly in need of help. God I hope you find your resolve, your way to happiness, because if you don't you'll be this way forever.

    love PureCarnage

  16. #50332012-01-07 23:02:56maelid said:

    Dear so-and-so again,

    I'm glad that you said you would talk to that person, and I really hope you do so. But this is a side note to what I really want to say (although if you really don't say anything to that person even though you said you would, I'll be a little disappointed). What I want to say, is that I know what you are doing now and I want you to stop it. I can't yell at you, scream at you, hit you until you understand, but I wish I could. You couldn't kill yourself that way so now you are thinking of that... Just, stop. Doing you know how unhealthy not eating is anyway? In the end starvation makes your stomach bloat and that's not damn well being skinny, is it!? And I know you'd say something stupid like "I'm eating enough not to pass out" or some other stupid bullshit like that and I don't think it's fucking funny You damn well better eat some of those cupcakes at your boyfriend's birthday party. How would do you like to have a friend who's like this because if you want to know, I can damn well make it that way!


  17. #65202012-01-14 22:42:06 *Mairu said:

    Dear you-know,

    I'm royally depressed that you did that. You know how long it took me to build up the courage for that?! I can't believe what you did and I'm even more scared to say it to you. I liked you for so long and for so long I told myself,"No, you'll ruin the friendship." for you to do what you did, I guess I was wrong. You didn't even react to it. My best friend tried talking to you about it, you joked with her practically. I am so angry at you so much ,but at the same time I can't get you off my mind. I refuse to even listen to love songs because of you,now! I just wish it never happened. I should have listened to (name) when he told me not to tell you.

    EDIT: I really hope you don't see this ,but if you do then say something! It's hard talking to you so normally when when I do, I just think about what happened.

    Regrettably, Barbara

  18. #65242012-01-14 23:43:32Mairu said:

    Dear guy,

    I heard you liked me ,but you know I like someone else. That should have been obvious too as to how I talked about him in our Skype calls. I don't see how you like me and honestly, I won't like you ever. You have a girlfriend and you like me? Who is to tell that won't happen to me if I even give you a chance? Besides, I thought your friend would like me before you did. I mean you did say him and I were "the perfect couple".

    Never going to be yours, Barbara

  19. #65702012-01-15 03:55:31 *Mairu said:

    Dear life,

    Why did you ruin my day? Thanks alot.

    Hate you right now, Barbara

    -- Dear you-know,

    I'm glad you finally told me. I am really sad for what you sad ,but I am grateful that you told me something at least. Thank you.

    Still with hopes, Barbar

  20. #65882012-01-15 05:11:41 *eterno said:

    Dear my friend whom I had forgotten,

    We buried a time capsule together, remember? Unfortunately, I don't remember where we buried it and I don't remember which one of my friends you happen to be. I hope someday I could remember and then we can finally unearth that sonofabitch.

    Always on my mind, eterno