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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1006672016-03-22 07:32:42ID_Tuner said:

    Dear A, (letters representing first name)

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was either you or the guy with the tattoos that started that nasty rumor about me at the last complex where I used to live. You know, the one that made me decide to move? Honestly, I thought you were a better person than that. You yourself have proved me wrong. I do hope you actually get over your paranoid power trip, and grow up rather than continue to grow old and drive everyone away from you. Your own daughters even can't stand you because of your behavior. Why do you think they moved away and don't visit you? All I can say, is get some help. Some genuine help, and don't continue to fake your way through life. You're already paying for it now. You'll only make it worse later if you continue. Especially on T. I know T loves you, and wants to get along with you, but I don't think you love him. Because I've never seen you show it except for the times he went to the hospital from those seizures from his blood disorder. He nearly died, in case you didn't notice. In my opinion, it seems you only want him for food stamps and a punching bag, which is sad and pathetic. So like I said, I hope you grow up and out of your power trip before it's too late. Becuase It's only going to get worse down the road.

    Signed, M

  2. #1007712016-03-27 00:15:50 *Yugure said:

    To that old geezer from the other side,

    Where to begin? We've been only here for a month now, and the first thing you tell me is 'Get your pets off our property'? Fuck off, old man. They didn't even went to your property! They were there, greeting us cheerfully. And you, being a burden to the society, have to make that simple thing a big one.

    Also, you should really consider 'mercy-killing' yourself, just for the sake of lessening grumpy old losers like you in the society. Be thankful the government is protecting you.

    Old Canadians are more friendly than the young ones. Bullshit.

  3. #1012792016-04-14 02:14:31Inia said:

    Dear "Friend,"

    Thanks for being like all other "friends" in my life. You've once again proved that it's within human nature to be selfish and manipulative, not 'good' as many hopefuls wish to believe while throwing flowers and singing songs. Not only do you refuse to listen, you don't even insult me with something that contextually makes sense. Grow the feck up and get your head out of your anus.

  4. #1014012016-04-18 14:19:36 *Enami said:

    To a certain asshole,

    Please leave me the fuck alone, you're pushing me off the edge and I'm trying my best here not to blurt out shit, what about how i'm talking to you? I'm being polite af here, so you don't want me to do that? fine, Ok problem solved. why complicate things? what more do you need from me? disrespect? SERIOUSLY? If I started listing every fucking disrepectful thing you ever did (that i know) I wouldn't finish it by today.

    Stop blaming people, there's this thing called being responsible you should check it out, because you're in dire need of it, it's free too, and when you finally think of taking some responsibility your solutions are always absolute shit.

    You think I'm a stupid brat being rebellious? Well sorry for having opinions that are different from yours because you're obviously never wrong, you never change so don't apologize to me that's just cringe worthy, whenever you do, i give it 2 days at max, and BAM you're an asshole again.

    You're the most selfish and self-centered person I have ever known and it will not be easy for me to hide my relief and fake some remorse on your funeral, I doubt there would be even a single person there who would have actually cared about your death, since the only people who may do; your parents; died, they still always wanted the best for you even if you treated them like shit, same as you do with everyone else.

    I would never wish sickness or such things on you tho because you'll make us go through hell for it, how dare we not suffer when you're hurting? You're always the victim, only knows how to blame others and never looking at your mistakes, but don't worry I loathe you enough to make up for all the hate you should feel for yourself.

  5. #1014472016-04-19 23:31:18EvoRulz said:

    Wherever you are right now _______,

    I miss you. I wonder why your parents took your phone off you for a while, you never explained but I guess i'll hear from you tonight/tomorrow morning to you. In any case I hope you reply to that huge long email I sent in that time ^^ I can go a month without being able to see you or talk to you except via email, don't worry yourself too much, well i know you won't. Hope you enjoy the dance whenever that is and don't forget to send some pictures!

  6. #1016162016-04-24 02:14:04Zach said:

    Hey _____~

    I get really worried when you don't talk to me for hours at a time, are you still sick? did you fall asleep?

  7. #1019292016-05-02 16:41:47Ecstasy said:

    To a guy who headbanged in front of me in the concert crowd,

    Goddammit that shampoo scent is crazy good, I should have asked you the brand, it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

  8. #1019422016-05-03 00:47:59Lieutenant said:

    The sun of my life, the apple of my eye,

    You amaze me. I don't think I would have been able to do what you're currently doing, let alone to fail so much. I know it must have been like shit to go through every day and I really wish I'm there to go through life with you together, to let you know you're not alone. You're strong and you should stay that way. I can't imagine myself being in your shoes, but I pray that you will get a better life some day. You know more shit than I do anyway and I admire you so. I wanna be a supervillain like you one day, you're a bonus though because you're so beautiful! It may take a longer time than we expected but you know patience is my virtue, I'll wait regardless, good morning to you and all the best going through another day.

    with much love, L.

  9. #1019912016-05-04 00:50:10 *armedzerox said:

    To someone that knows this is about you

    I am giving out chances.

    It is whether you tried your best for it, or you turn around and run away from opportunities.

    Human-being can be very disappointing sometimes.

  10. #1020222016-05-04 14:18:31Cyth said:

    I would appreciate it if you'd stay out of here when you talk about your new girl. When will you realise that it's a big slap on my face?

    That's all. Now, stop.

  11. #1020702016-05-06 13:22:56 *Yugure said:


    You don't hafta brag and say everything you have accomplished every hour everyday every time.

    Everyone is allowed to do whatever they want. Don't dictate them what to do, if you don't want to be dictated as well. It's a free country.

    Stop overusing terms you don't even know the meaning. Stop complaining about how and why everyone is on to you. Stop being an attention-whore. Stop being a feeler. And just stop breathing already.

    You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!

  12. #1020872016-05-07 10:54:22EvoRulz said:

    To _______

    I hope that you'll be okay with me, I want to work along side you, i haven't even seen your face yet xD nervous AF for the inevitable moment where you would confront me. I wonder what you would say to me or ask me or expect of me, or what kind of guy you are. In any case I want to make you proud, I hope we can be mates haha.

    Until then,


  13. #1021282016-05-07 21:29:09Koushiro said:


    Stop making everything more messed up as they are. Its just hurting others and making you look like a piece of shit. People doesnt revolve around you, she doesnt like you now, stop pretending like you fucking care, even if its true. Its just gonna hurt her again. You put yourself in a deep deep dark hole of emptyness and void and you cant do anything about it because you are in fact a piece of shit.

    Sincereluy, me

  14. #1021852016-05-08 18:46:31Inia said:

    Dear A,

    I want to take the time to express how much you mean to me. I know you had a very difficult past, one you don't feel comfortable sharing even if we're so close. It pains me to know how your dad left you to raise your siblings, with a mom who did what she could yet didn't appreciate you. It pains me that you were often beaten by your guardians for no reason. You gave so much of yourself to provide for your family, and never asked for anything in return. Much like who you are today. But I'm inspired and amazed to see what kind of person you've become. Somehow you've managed to love so many people around you, and people instantly click with you. As an adult you're not afraid to show off this child-like playfulness. I can only hope to be half as amazing as you.