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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1021962016-05-09 01:25:56 *Gwynn said:


    I really wish we could have been friends, it hurts to be around you though; if I'm really honest with myself. I watched you go back to that asshat, that depressed flat boy who you clearly didn't care for, and vic versa. You want me to agree that our upbringing fucked us up, looking for solidarity in your excuses. I simply can not live that way anymore.

    I'm over you, there's no value in this friendship. You can't even keep an appointment for me to come to you, to do something you want to do. You're a terrible friend, it's not your social phobia, depression, or any other excuse. Eventually, you have to put your own personal issues aside, and choose to be the person you claim you want to be.

    Our decisions, actions, and inactions define who we are. It does not matter how nice, cool, or decent you are; history remembers what you did. You've chosen not to work, find love, spend time with friends, and instead live in excuses and blame. It's very sad, and it breaks my heart because you were my first best friend. You talked sense into me more than once, and now I can't see value in you. I feel quite cold saying that, but it comes from a place of hurt. The kind of hurt felt by a person unable to help the ones they love.

    I'm sorry life has turned out this way for you, I wish you would listen to me, stick to plans, and choose yourself and what's best for you. Please, love yourself K.


  2. #1022412016-05-10 04:36:15Kuroba_Loki said:


    seriously, i don't care about anything you say to me XD

    I know you're trying to grab my attention

    but know that it's not that easy :D

  3. #1023082016-05-10 18:39:45Enami said:

    Dear L,

    Happy birthday and I hope this day wasn't too bad for you, you may think I did enough but I still want to do more next time because nothing warms my heart more than your genuine appreciation and grateful smile :^)

  4. #1024762016-05-13 02:50:03EvoRulz said:

    To ______

    Thanks for always helping me with my Math and Chemistry dude, you never had to. I hope that the lollies I bring while we study makes it more fun for you ^w^ You're awesome. I wish you the best for your Year 12 Score. You work your butt off and you're gonna make a great Nuclear Engineer after school! :D

    To ________

    It's been a long time since I've seen you, we should totally catch up after school is over or maybe in the holidays!! You're the best, you even introduced me to a whole new world which I must thank you for, thanks for noticing me all the time ://>

    To ________

    I haven't seen you in a while either, I hope he's treating you well, but more so I hope that you're dealing with that nervousness of yours, you're a handful XD You're so talented though. I put a lot into encouraging you and I hope it was a good enough push in the right direction :) Good luck and may you be happy together, btw if I don't get a wedding invite i'm gonna sneak in anyway x3

    Dear ________

    You have been one of the five most influential people in my life and I have not seen you for a while, and I have no idea when you will next re-appear. You were more than just a leader for me, you spoke into my situations many many times and you're someone I call friend. I want to see your new baby Ezra :'D so cute, you got together with someone who's known me since I was born :) I haven't seen her in ages either D: Please visit ^-^ I know you will someday but I realize it would be really emotional for you. I wonder if i'll get to hang out with your kid :) XD You guys are awesome, who gives their chile the middle name 'Champion' that is just legendary. That kid has two of the greatest people I can think of as parents, I'm keen to watch him grow up, I wonder what he'll be like :D

  5. #1026132016-05-16 00:19:29 *EvoRulz said:

    I saw you yesterday!.. I don't know why I can't face you.. :c

    I wish you would approach me instead..

    At since you're close with my parents you won't ever be far ^-^

    Edit: I saw you again and you did say hi to me :) thanks, you'll always be a key influence on my life

  6. #1026142016-05-16 00:47:38EvoRulz said:

    To ______

    I feel like a failure because I put everything into it and it didn't work, but at the same time I know I did everything and more. I set myself up to fail oh well, I care but that's a one way thing. I had to tell myself all those things so that I could have the strength to carry on.

    To _______

    Just do right by me okay?...

    If it gets out of hand i'm not going to hold on to this...

    Keep coming back already

    To ________

    Why don't you put everything into it like you once did? I guess that last one had a heavy toll on how you view how capable you are but I believe in you still okay?..

    I'm not sure what you think you're doing going from gal to gal but just don't go leaving a trail of broken hearts or i'll be unfriending you..

    You'd probably be better off as a regular flirt than taking responsibility for every little fancy you have so if it doesn't work this time seriously, try being single for once .-. I'm going to disappear on you if you keep this up, so don't let me.

  7. #1026192016-05-16 01:26:50 *ID_Tuner said:

    Dear Brother,

    Thanks a lot for breaking my fucking nose a few years ago and making me lose about a pint of blood in the process. Just so you know, I intend to return the favor tenfold, especially since you have the audacity to move into my town, just to be close to her. Watch your back, because next time you look, I'll be there. And I'll make it hurt just as bad, if not worse.

  8. #1028652016-05-23 11:12:37AshitoKenji said:

    Dear _____

    learn how to shut up. when someone tells you a secret, you're supposed to keep it a secret. Just keep your fat mouth shut because you'll be outta my life soon enough if you keep this up. it's not like i even meant to tell you what i did.

    word of advice, we all know I'm capable of being the biggest bitch in school soo try not to get on my bad side, yeah?

  9. #1029002016-05-24 02:03:08Bayne said:

    "The problem with internet quotes is that it's difficult to determine whether or not they're genuine" -Abraham Lincoln

  10. #1029872016-05-26 08:05:10 *Rinneko said:

    Dear _____,

    When I chose you, I was happy. I expected you to be similar to what I'm used to. I expected an inclusive, caring culture. I admit this is shallow but I definitely liked the aesthetic.

    However, over the past year and a half, I've learnt to be sorely disappointed. You are shallow. The connections I've made with you are judged by quantity, not quality. Gossip is rampant. Your rules restricted my freedom of choice and forced me into a position that threaten my future choices. Activities with you that were supposed to make me happy didn't. Instead, they helped lead me down the road of failure. You focused on my inconsequential shortcomings (which, might I add, were partially the result of your actions?). No matter if I succeed or fail with you, there's always something I did wrong and something you did right.

    I sacrificed a lot of my life beyond you for you. I don't think my efforts got much in the return.

    Now, I have one and half more years with you. God knows I want to leave but doing so will only make things more difficult for me.

    I am not happy but I must find a way to be.

  11. #1029902016-05-26 09:47:52AuroraTears said:

    To whom I miss the most

    I love you so much. Do you know that? You say you love me... but I don't think you mean it. I let you in, I told you all of my secrets. One of them... you accepted them all... At least, for awhile. You shut one down. What you once accepted you now say it is disgusting and makes you sick. That's okay. I understand. I'm not sure why you accepted it in the beginning, though. Were you blinded by love? Love that has since faded? But that's okay... I got over it. Mostly. Especially when you helped me come out. When you helped this side of me flourish. For the first time in my entire life, I was happy.

    I never expected happiness. I never knew what it was, and I never yearned for it. I thought it was such a silly thing to wish for. I wanted to make others happy, but never thought of it for myself. However, this year, thanks to you, I have felt it. And I do miss it. By helping me come out, by encouraging me to, I felt amazing. But, you've come to realize that you do not like it anymore. You miss who I pretended to me, and that's okay. I understand that too. I can go back to the old me. I can go back to my old self. I lived that way for 23 years, I can do it again. Especially if it's for you.'s making you angry. And I'm not sure why. You say your mad at yourself...for not loving me anymore because of this. You say it shouldn't matter. But it does, and that's okay... I wish you could understand that I don't mind. You say you're mad at yourself... but you take that anger out on me. That... is not okay. I've told you I can go back, I've told you I can change... But you helped bring this part of me to light. So why do I suffer your wrath because of it? Why do you get mad at me for it...? I've told you I'll go back...I've shown you that I am. Haven't I?

    Is that why you're really mad? Is it really because of that? How long can you abuse me and still blame something that I no longer am... Something that I have locked away. Locked away to where it was before we met. Locked away to where it was, even a year and a half after we had been together... You knew it was there, but after that year and a half, you unlocked it. You brought it out... Please stop hurting me. I put it back. I can put on my facade once again, but please....control your wrath...Otherwise, I give it up for naught. I don't want to lose you... I've already lost myself.

  12. #1036002016-06-16 14:36:32Koushiro said:

    You, (piece of shit)

    No one cares about what you think or about what you do. Don't disturb everyone in the neigh orhood and start ramming hammer so fucking early in the morning! People are still sleeping at 4am!

  13. #1036582016-06-17 09:46:56Wolfangle said:

    Hey, if you really wanna get a point out by acting like this. Then please say something. Im never sure and pretty much confused, but im also too stuborn to quit or give up. Ignoring me won't solve problems & playing like you don't even know me when i try to acutally start something up isn't a solution to whatever it is you're dealing with. I really don't get why it has to be like this. I know you're a strong willed, determinded, woman. (Rant rant rants that im too sleepy to write)

  14. #1051142016-07-16 14:36:33 *Enami said:

    To you,

    What you do comes back to you, and yes I will stoop as low as you for now because I'm not a saint nor I don't want to be, but I still won't lie and fabricate facts about you, I've played dumb and went too soft on you too many times, and now I was shown that I have no reason to be nice anymore, and I feel zero guilt towards you no matter if it's about the past or the attitude I'm gonna take, I'm still a civil person so I won't be that harsh but no more putting up wth your bullshit.

    I don't know how much is the truth and how much is all lies but you lied and disrespected me too much to care about that by now, so really I doubt everything about you now, feel free to act as a victim like you always do but you're selfish af, a person who trusts others more than me and refuses to discuss it even while making everything about them is not worth my efforts or care.

    I have things I felt guilty about but I was right about you after all, and I'm not forgiving the past, doesn't matter because you didn't change much, I feel stupid for caring once but that's just what a decent human would do so guess that's okay but no more of that :D