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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1036002016-06-16 14:36:32Koushiro said:

    You, (piece of shit)

    No one cares about what you think or about what you do. Don't disturb everyone in the neigh orhood and start ramming hammer so fucking early in the morning! People are still sleeping at 4am!

  2. #1036582016-06-17 09:46:56Wolfangle said:

    Hey, if you really wanna get a point out by acting like this. Then please say something. Im never sure and pretty much confused, but im also too stuborn to quit or give up. Ignoring me won't solve problems & playing like you don't even know me when i try to acutally start something up isn't a solution to whatever it is you're dealing with. I really don't get why it has to be like this. I know you're a strong willed, determinded, woman. (Rant rant rants that im too sleepy to write)

  3. #1051142016-07-16 14:36:33 *Enami said:

    To you,

    What you do comes back to you, and yes I will stoop as low as you for now because I'm not a saint nor I don't want to be, but I still won't lie and fabricate facts about you, I've played dumb and went too soft on you too many times, and now I was shown that I have no reason to be nice anymore, and I feel zero guilt towards you no matter if it's about the past or the attitude I'm gonna take, I'm still a civil person so I won't be that harsh but no more putting up wth your bullshit.

    I don't know how much is the truth and how much is all lies but you lied and disrespected me too much to care about that by now, so really I doubt everything about you now, feel free to act as a victim like you always do but you're selfish af, a person who trusts others more than me and refuses to discuss it even while making everything about them is not worth my efforts or care.

    I have things I felt guilty about but I was right about you after all, and I'm not forgiving the past, doesn't matter because you didn't change much, I feel stupid for caring once but that's just what a decent human would do so guess that's okay but no more of that :D

  4. #1055402016-07-29 00:11:40 *EvoRulz said:

    Dear _____,

    After all this time I suddenly realized that I still loved you, I'm still heartbroken that you didn't return those feelings, and I did my best to forget about it..

    There's no hope; there never was

    I'll remember now, I'll reserve myself and won't settle for less, maybe one day i'll feel the same way about someone else, who actually cares for me, who knows. Until then I need cookies and ice-cream and anime

    To Senpai,

    Thanks for looking after me <3 @Infinite-Kamisama .3.

  5. #1055462016-07-29 02:17:57Grinners said:

    To the man who raised me;

    You were my father for fourteen years, I've known you since I was three. A lot of what I have become today is because of you, for better or for worse. You built me up to be just like you, introduced me to the music that you like, made me like it too. Encouraged me to continue in music and tried to shape me into a little version of yourself. You taught me how to be cruel, showed me how to be judgemental, encouraged me to put down those I love the most. You convinced me that it was okay to be horrible. A lot of what I was taught to be humour, was really abuse. I refuse to be like that, and I cast away and oppress that which you made me into. I chose to follow in your footsteps at a young age, but now I know better. Now that we forced you out of our lives, now that we live in an environment that is healthy, and happier than the one that you created for us, I know that with great effort I can become a good person. I am ashamed of the side of me that resembles you, but soon I won't be. Soon I won't see you in the mirror, and I'll be just me. I will not fear changing into you ever again.

    All love lost,

    no longer your daughter.

  6. #1058312016-08-06 16:01:08Inia said:

    To Anyone:

    Someone who makes you feel like dirt when you've clearly done nothing wrong is not worth your time or energy. Regardless of what you think you feel, love and infatuation are not the same thing. Don't let someone drop the L word too fast. Be wary of manipulation. Don't be afraid to put yourself first; it isn't a selfish act to take care of yourself. Relationships aren't give & take, they're give & give. Respect, honor, integrity -- these are key components to a good partner. How do they treat their family? That's how they'll treat you.

  7. #1058832016-08-07 20:18:26Qarr said:

    To You (you know who you are),

    I miss you more than anything, I wish we weren't torn apart by innocuous reasons such as timezones.

  8. #1065812016-08-31 23:34:57Settsuo-kun said:

    To you

    Honestly just take me as I am for once. Don't think I have ulterior motives or some damn sinister scheme ahead of me. I'm genuinely interested in you and what you have going on. Don't punish me for things you think I might do. It's unfair and really annoying to be labeled a way based on hypothetical ideas.

    I like you and really think the possibility of an actual connection is there. It scares me to even think like that after all these years, but I'm making an effort to go that extra mile for this. I don't want you to be another one of many in my life. Let's just explore what this might be. Take it for what it is, not for what it's not.

  9. #1065992016-09-01 23:31:43EvoRulz said:

    To _______,

    Keep fighting for your dreams and never give in and never give up! You're gonna do awesome things and you already have /ouo/

  10. #1073422016-09-28 20:09:44Gwynn said:


    Fundamentally, I think you're trash, or maybe a parasite is a better term. I have friends that are truly suffering. You could do something about it, but you hold up your religion as a way to stay fat and comfortable. You claim Jesus, care, and giving, but I don't see that extending very far. You're a child in your own mind, and a detriment to other people. Fuck off, leave me alone.

  11. #1074642016-10-06 16:48:16 *Qarr said:

    To The Literal Cancer of Humanity:

    Yes, I know self solicitude is not a sin, but don't use that as an excuse to take it to another level. I'm all for self confidence but that does not make it alright for you to treat me like trash! And because of what?... I'm not good enough? Because I'm not as pretty as you wanted me to be? Because I'm not as smart as I should be? Because I'm literally not you? Clearly, by always putting you first I've made a huge mistake. I've taught you that I come second. Think about that for a moment. You've literally failed at the one thing you were supposed to do. Well I'm tired of your bullshit and I'm giving you 1 chance to stop pulling it before you permanently lose me. Please don't fuck this up.

    Sincerely Yours, Me.

    Edit: For the love of God to all those people who keep asking me, NO I not have a bf, this message is not about you, it is not about a man, it is not about any romantic relationship whatsoever. Seriously it got old after the 5th person.