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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #541412013-04-24 07:03:53 *Mau said:

    Dear Psychology Classmate,

    Good lord, stop picking on me in class.

    If it wasn't for the fact that you're my type, I'd punch you in your gorgeous chiseled face....

  2. #541512013-04-24 13:06:25 *deng said:

    You are like an uncut gem,
    A beauty undiscovered,
    A beauty not yet taken shape.
    And like a diamond-
    you shine upon me
    Reflecting the light,
    From the hope, and the might,
    Which I could have found within,
    Had I ever thought to look inside myself
    Could have avoided what things have been,
    Yet, as things stand.
    We hold nothing grand,
    And all that we have left
    Is having put our feelings to the test.

  3. #541592013-04-24 17:14:25Cloud-VK said:

    Dear me,

    You have been through so much already and life hasn’t shown you many positives yet but they are coming your way, I promise. You just have to prove the system wrong and be the bad ass you know you are. We both know what you’re capable of so please get your rear in gear because you know we only live once right, jerk.

    Love Me

  4. #544102013-04-28 03:18:24millionKnives said:

    To you I still don't know how we got to that situation. I miss the good old times, tell me what you expect... let's just be friends again and make everything simple again.

    I Still feel the same.

  5. #545442013-04-30 00:58:34 *animal said:

    Dear J.

    I have so much on my mind but I can't tell you in the face. I don't know what happened between us and how shit got down the way it is. I admired you since the first time we met in 5th grade. I followed you and you taught me things, appropriate or inappropriate. We travelled the world together. We looked after each other but you were always the more independent one. The one that isn't shy like me. Gradually, in high school, we talked less and less because of different interests and classes. You caused drama with your strong attitude and your personality. I always backed you up and did what I thought was right.

    In junior year, my guy friend told me that you were hot and I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart. I wanted to yell that I knew you first, I know you more than he does. I know you the most. But none of that can be verified because the distance between us was growing. Then you made me realize that I liked you a lot. I loved you. I turned bi for you. Your strong personality and my weak self seemed to be a fantasy to me. I held back and didn't tell you because it was weird. It wasn't wrong, but it was weird. 2 girls and all. I was willing to do anything for you. When you went on cosplay trips, I was gladly the walking coat hanger. I didn't mind, you didn't mind. We were so open with each other.

    After graduation, we went our separate ways. I missed you, I thought about you even when I was in a relationship already. I still liked you and I was still jealous that we were no longer close friends. I was happily going to travel with you again. That 3 day trip ruined it all. It broke what is left of our friendship, and I don't even know what happened. I don't know why suddenly you unfriended me, deleted me, ignored me in any social way possible. Was it because I confessed my feelings to you at night? I re-added you hoping with stupid optimism that it was just a Facebook glitch, a Skype bug, or something you didn't do intentionally. But it was over. You left with all the things I left at your house. I don't exist in your universe anymore. I'm probably back being the nobody you met in 5th grade. If we had confronted each other about this during the summer, things would probably work out. But I didn't, you didn't, and this is how things ended.

    I feel like an idiot for confessing to you that night. You said you already knew because I was making it so obvious. You said had I confessed sooner, you would have gone out with me and we would hold hands at school and fuck the world and their homophobic tendencies.

    I knew you for nearly 10 years, that is almost half of my life. Does all that really mean nothing to you?

    Love, Me.

  6. #545732013-04-30 18:36:56Mau said:
    Dear Psychology Professor,


    Why would you give me a reason to use this picture? I was hoping I'd never have to use it to represent my state of mind.
    God damn you.
  7. #545862013-04-30 22:29:06Rune said:

    Dear my lovely sister,

    Why the hell are you so awesome now? You used to get D's and now you get straight A's!

    What's that? Oh, you also can draw well and speak fluent Japanese now?

    Oh gimme a break! Wait, there's more? You're freaking gorgeous now?


    Love you :)

  8. #563262013-05-25 09:03:27Trisak said:

    since this thread got bumped, might as well...

    Dear you (you know who you are).

    I love you.

    All Yours, Trisak.

  9. #563272013-05-25 09:04:57Deftones said:

    Holla anyone

    So, I hardly care right now. I'm going to be a total faggot, but all i want is attention and love. fuck you all.

    assholes, fuck you.

  10. #563642013-05-25 21:18:47--Jack-- said:

    Dear America,

    Quit being so hypocritical and lying to yourself about your own values and laws. And don't go giving me sh!t about how I know nothing. I completely understand Sociology and Politics.

    Love Jack

  11. #563842013-05-26 02:22:31Littlefootroserocker said:

    Dear Ex Best Friend,

    You used to be so sweet. You were innocent and wanted to hang out with me. I have been lying about who i was all this time and you were also lying to me. You were never quiet and innocent. Neither was i. I admit it; i always kinda knew what you and our other friends were talking about boys, but i didn't want to think about that. I felt special not knowing about the dark side to teenagers and your slutty stories. i liked being innocent. But then you gave up on trying to change me and went to other friends that did want to talk about sex. I'm all alone now, but it's okay. I'm used to it. I don't blame you. It's just that we are too different and i can't pretend to be the person i am not. If only i had the will to make new friends. Oh well....I started to try to make you like me again by thinking of random stuff to talk about when i see you, but i feel like a stupid puppy. I will also ignore you. I know it won't make a difference; you have too many friends to care about me. But i will die before i let you feel like i need to rely on you. Go along and forget about me. I have already felt this pain too many times to get bothered about it now.

    Love, Rose

  12. #564932013-05-28 10:10:17real said:

    TO my current pre-university school's English teacher

    I try to be kind but ... FUCK YOU jibai lanjiao sohai pukimak baka chou jibai diu lei loumou ge chou hai ,NIama FUck you infertile freak from hell !

  13. #578802013-06-07 07:21:44Hitler-kun said:

    Dear Joseph,

    I am deeply sorry for breaking our deal back in the good old days. It was an honest to god mistake, and I apologize for hurting you and your people.
    I really appreciated your trust, dear Joseph. It was touching to see you hesitate to respond in kind, and I deeply wished that I could cancel Operation Barbarossa, but that would have weakened my position, and the vultures were already circling around my head.

    Once again, I am sorry. Sorry not because it cost me dearly, but because it hurt your proud and sturdy russians, and ended our friendship.

    I can only hope you will forgive me in good time, so that we can have a nice evening with your famous firewater and good german beer again.

    Sincerely, Adolf

  14. #578832013-06-07 07:42:28DarkChaplain said:

    Dear ___,

    You can't honestly hope to stick with both sides of the coin til the end of days, seriously.
    A life of mediocrity awaits if you try to please both desires equally.
    You should commit to either Sam or Max - mixing both types is going to end very confusing!

    Kindly yet confused,

  15. #579102013-06-07 13:00:00Silvetto said:

    To GF,

    We may not be what we had in mind for each other, but we really do bring out the best in each other & the thing's we always wanted to be better at. I'm always here for you, I'll always love you the way you are, your the only person who deserves my care & to feel special. I always feel happy when your happy, knowing I touched your life. Your so smart, really cute, interesting, never had a dull moment with you in my life, you understand me for everything I am, your like my kind of crazy which I thought was impossible xD but you know how to calm me down & you know all my quirks like I know yours & I love all your sides regardless. I find myself daydreaming about you before I forget what I'm doing. I never regretted talking to you for the first time, I could've gone to bed & I would've kicked myself if I did, you were really open, it wasn't a bad thing, I liked it in your case & now here we are, u mean so much to me >.< I always feel special when you make time for me, when you wake me up & check up on me if I fell asleep. I know your busy, but it's all worth it when u make me feel so inlove with you.

    ~Always together till the end of time & space <3

    From Silv