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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #661692013-11-13 18:54:50mizlily said:

    Dear Z

    I hope youre well. Your grudges and bitterness are ruining your life right now. Stop being so miserable, only you are responsible for your own happiness. I hope you discover what your dreams are....even if you might be lost right now.


  2. #663782013-11-20 15:05:21Rinneko said:

    Dear M,

    Please lower the expectations you have the world and me. You can't expect everything to be perfect. I can't live up to that. It hurts so bad that I can't satisfy you or make you proud.

    Also, please stop treating our family like some sort of methodical exchange place. A family is not a circle in which tit-for-tat is done. It is a circle in which we give unconditionally without expecting anything in return. If anything, what we receive is the other's happiness.

    Do I mean anything at all to you?


  3. #664802013-11-23 02:02:16DarkChaplain said:

    Dear jabberwocky,


    If you were anybody else, I'd have nailed your head to the wall already. Don't test my patience, it is limited, even for monstrosities I feel a certain amount of appreciation for.
    I'm sick and tired of this bullshit, and I'm done trying to adjust my schedule, habits and character for you. I'm done with that shit.

  4. #667602013-11-30 04:45:26--Jack-- said:

    Dear Significant other,

    It's been a long time since you randomly dropped offline mid-conversation. I was about to propose an activity relatively romantic too. I'm seriously wondering if you're okay. While odds are that your computer broke and money is tight there so you can't get a new one for a while, I still wonder if that's the case...or if something else serious is going on that I'm unable to know of. Either way, it's desolate here without you...and it has been anyways since you're 944 miles away. Please get a job like an adult (you need the experience), and move back here like you want to. I have a lot I need to finish here before I can even be employed...and I miss you.

  5. #667662013-11-30 07:56:25Rinneko said:

    Dear major examinations,

    We need more time to prepare for you. We cannot memorise so much syllabus at one shot. In the first place, you are not what defines us so can you please stop being so major? Please stop being the deciding factor in our future careers. Much appreciated.


  6. #667692013-11-30 12:32:20Rune said:

    Dear that fortune telling dude from Shenmue


    Yes, you.


    Dear story,

    Why is it that I know everything about you but it's so hard to get you down on paper? I mean, I did literally write you down but the next day, I'd delete almost everything I've written down about you and rewrite it. Also, it took me 3 days to write down Chapter 1 and nothing barely happens in Chapter 1!

    But hey, at least Chapter 1 is done and now, we can go onward to Chapter 2! Which, is more setting up and not many things will happen again... Damn, am I reading this outline right?

  7. #667732013-11-30 14:29:55Jacek said:

    Dear, XMBadAsstaco25,

    You are such a shit player how do you go 0-12 on a sniper only server and then complain about how it's impossible because you have to be better than the guy you're having a firefight with is. Like goddamn, all you do is aim and click your house with the crosshair is on your target. Or a little above depending on distance.



  8. #668392013-12-02 02:45:31AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Dear Writer's Block,

    I freaking hate you. You probably already know that, but I just felt the need to express that once more. Why do you even visit me? It's not like I want you here. Two weeks have passed and you haven't left yet. Go away damn it. I need to vent out some frustration and you are preventing me from doing that. Don't you know that's how I cope? I either write or draw. Lately I haven't drawn a thing because I want to write, but no, you just couldn't let that happen. Now I'm frustrated and all my emotions are pent up. I'm going into another depression because of you. I guess at least one of us will be happy if that happens, huh?


  9. #673362013-12-16 08:30:37InsaneBoredGame said:

    Dear Fridge,

    It's 3:30 am. I forgot to eat dinner. Why are you all the way downstairs? Seriously, I'm covered in three blankets and freezing.

  10. #673372013-12-16 08:39:14Rinneko said:

    Dear relatively new tablet,

    Why do you have such an issue loading pictures and videos? Is it an Internet, browser or hard drive issue? I hold little sway and experience over these technological things so it'd be doing me a big favour if you fixed yourself. Honestly.


  11. #675132013-12-20 18:15:18Taro_Tanako said:

    Dear old guy on train,

    I am not some asshole "yoof" you think is the end of civilisation. I did, however, reserve the seat you are currently occupying and have a right to ask to sit there.


  12. #675512013-12-22 02:39:57abinit123 said:

    Dear 'friends',

    Just because I don't have the same opinion as you does not mean I'm wrong. Also because I don't want to socialise with awful people does not mean that I'm a bad person. It means I am aware of what they have currently put me through.

    Love from abinit123 xoxoxo

  13. #675532013-12-22 04:50:02 *Kip said:

    dear you

    go throw up, you overweight son of a bitch


    P.S. i really fucking hate you
    P.S.S. i hope you die
  14. #675942013-12-22 23:24:30--Jack-- said:

    Dear Google Chrome,

    Stop telling me I have spelling errors and then not correcting them when I click on the correct option in the right-click menu. What the fuck, google....what...the...fuck. No, seriously....fuck you, Google Chrome.

    from one of your only users,


  15. #676932013-12-26 04:22:42--Jack-- said:

    Dear Youtube, Papa John's, and Krogers,

    Thanks for letting Krogers and Papa John's show the same ads at me repeatedly for days, Youtube...Hey Krogers and Papa John's, I'll make sure to never shop or buy products from either one of your businesses if I can avoid it. Fuck you. Fuck your repetitive, annoying advertising, and fuck the shitty garbage you peddle while pretending it's different than common shit. Seriously...fuck you. Also Youtube, fuck off....and try to diversify the advertisements I have to sit through. I like to give-no-shits about a variety of products, not just a few. Seriously, 0% of people prefer having to watch advertisements.

    with pity,