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[Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #676992013-12-26 11:19:48Rinneko said:

    Dear test I have in the second week of school,

    I'm not studying for you. But you better let me score well. >:(


  2. #677002013-12-26 11:35:17 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Dear cousin,

    Please give me some space. I realise you're kinda bored and you just want to hang out with your senpai cos I'm amazing but seriously stop being a dick cos it does not impress me at all and I cannot wait for you to leave now. Also, trying to argue that you are right about everything is stupid. You're 15 and you don't have all the answers and it's really irritating and I don't wnat to argue all the time just cos you want to prove yourself. Hell, I don't have all the answers or give two fucks most of the time. So please calm your ego dude and we'll have a nice time whislt you're staying over.

    Yours patiently,


    (edit) PS: WTF?? YOU JUST SPILLED COKE ON MY PS4!! WHAT THE FUCK YOU ASSHOLE?!! HONESTLY, I AM DISOWNING YOU NOW..and as cool as my dad is about this i know he is really not a happy chap..

  3. #677022013-12-26 13:44:29abinit123 said:

    Dear evil stepmother

    I have written to inform you that you have been with my father for eleven years and in turn have known me for eleven years. Surely by now you know what I am like yet you still chose to mention stupid things that you know will annoy me. Such as my eating habits, the way I dress and what I listen too. I'm sorry that I am not the same person as my Father who can just sit there and take your shit.

    Yours sincerely, abinit123.

  4. #677372013-12-27 06:41:38Lycan said:

    Merry christmas you suckers~

    I'm back in the game, fully patched and everything. I'm back to reach 600 levels. I'm back to raid and pillage. To loot your corpses and rip your bloody hides off. To walk the streets of Stormwind like the fucking roleplayer I am. I'm back and it is so good. Thank u guilty pleasure, thank u blizzard. but why do I still gotta pay2play gdi. crai

  5. #677812013-12-28 17:06:57abinit123 said:

    To my darling laptop,

    you have lasted all these years, please can you at least take one more! PLEASE JUST ONE MORE YEAR I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT YOU YSBGCDHWFEDFOWFHF.

    love your best friend and life partner, abinit123.

  6. #678122013-12-30 14:46:48 *Lem said:
    My dear future self,

    Dont't expect anything from A, J, and E. They are miserable human shaped pitfalls of your personal agony. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. And if that's not an option, try to ignore them and just... enter "not caring mode"
  7. #678282013-12-31 00:27:06 *Kip said:

    dear shameless kiss-ass cumwad bitch

    sincerely, everybody who knows you're a two-faced skank

  8. #678292013-12-31 00:39:32Alfred said:

    Dear Miss,
    I can not stress this enough, but you are a marvellous lady. My appreciation for you is hard to put to words. The fire of your soul keeps me warm, the quick wit and humor keep me smiling when spending time with you.
    Even if you may get anxious sometimes, let me reassure you that you are a true sweetheart and deserve all the best. Be confident, for there is much to be confident about.
    If you struggle, let me know!
    I'll fill you right up - with good feelings, not body fluids but happiness nonetheless

    Much rabu,

  9. #678302013-12-31 00:47:14Mau said:
    Dearest Friend,

    Stop being nice to me.
    No, seriously.
    Don't do nice things for me, especially when I can't do anything of equal value, unless saying thank you a lot counts.
  10. #678382013-12-31 04:56:07 *Rinneko said:

    Dear 2014,
    Please be good. Major examinations coming up - please proceed to die in a hole. Also, because you are nice and lovely, give me good marks. Let me enter in to a good tertiary education. Responsibilities - go easy on me. Class and friends - I don't want to deal with any drama. I hope I last long and well in CL, too.

    With much insecurity and a certain hopefulness, R

  11. #678892014-01-01 22:19:46DarkChaplain said:

    Dear _______,

    Get your shit together. There's a time and place for drama, and every second evening is not that. Calm your tits and get off my back. Oh, you actually did do that now, alright. Carry on.

    Dear _______,

    I honestly don't know how to deal with any of this right now. Sorry about that, but some thinking is in order.

    Dear _______,

    Hope Azeroth is treating you well~

  12. #678912014-01-01 23:12:16Dio said:

    Dear Princess I loved you for over 3 years now. No matter how many times we'll get together and break up, you will always have me has your knight in shining armor until one of us dies.

  13. #679042014-01-02 11:51:44Trisak said:

    Dear you.

    Hope you feel better today. In fact, I hope you'll be feeling great today :3 but if you don't, I'll do what I can to make you feel better, and make your day a good one.

    Sincerely Trisak.

  14. #679062014-01-02 12:19:24Rinneko said:

    Dear _______ ,

    What do you mean you're glad I rarely go overseas? You're happy that I can be your middle person, during your relationship quarrels? I'm your _______ , not your mediator. You are the one who chose to marry him. Deal with your choices on your own. Don't bring me in to this. My misfortune definitely does not qualify as your fortune. What kind of _______ are you? I believe you need to consider my feelings, just as I've tried to do so when I listened to all your troubles, offered solutions. It's alright if you don't consider me a priority, just let me consider myself a priority. You need to take responsibility for your own rubbish.